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10 Best Cargo Companies in Nigeria

It’s not always straight forward sending out packages to foreign countries or receiving them from these countries. Although cargo companies seem to have made the process seamless but you can easily get in trouble if you use the service of any of the many mediocre cargo company. Receiving or sending cargo can really be relaxing […]

Top Car Dealers in Nigeria (Lagos)

If you’re looking to buy a car whether used or brand new, there are several reliable car dealers in the country that you can patronize. These dealers offer excellent auto-related services and have a lot of loyal customers. Affordable Cars Affordable Cars is one of the few offline car dealers with a vibrant online presence. […]

Gold is Lying On The Ocean Floor

Promoted Content. Story of Experienced Investor Who Finally Found His Goldmine Mayson Udo (name changed for privacy reasons) started as a real-time investor in the year 2009, when he started, he invested his money into small startup companies that he knew would later become a big-time company in the future. At the age of 17, […]

Car Selling Websites in Nigeria: The Top 10

Are you looking for a convenient and reliable way to sell your car? Or are you wondering how to buy a car from the right source and at the right price without stressing yourself? Well, the process of getting the right car from the right source can be very convenient and stress free.  In fact, […]

Get Any Girl’s Phone Number with These 8 Tips

How often do you succeed in getting a phone number of some attractive girl? Unfortunately, it happens quite rarely to most people. Human psychology is complicated enough and we do many things under the influence of our current mood. So if a girl isn’t in the mood for flirting, she might instantly reject you. Here […]

How to Sell Your Car in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

You may be looking to change your car to a new one and you probably need to sell it in order to get some extra money for the new car. Or maybe you just need to raise some cash quickly and selling your car seems like the best way to do that. Well, the simple […]

Yam Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Yam Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Who doesn’t eat yam? If not fried or roasted, then boiled or pounded and several other forms in which one can eat yam. Even the yam peels are useful for other purposes. So, going into the yam business in Nigeria is a very profitable one since there are more than one ways in which it […]

10 Best Real Estate Companies in Nigeria

best real estate company in Nigeria

Do you own a property and you’re looking for tenants or buyers? Or are you looking to acquire or rent an apartment, home or office space? Well, it’s no mean feat when getting the right deals in the property market, however dealing with the best real estate companies goes beyond having the right negotiation skills. […]

10 Best SEO Companies in Nigeria

best seo company in nigeria

You’re probably looking for the right SEO firm that will give your brand the much needed online visibility, particularly by making your website rank on Google’s first page. These days every SEO firm claims to be able to this, but the truth is not all SEO firms are honest and not all of them deliver […]

When Did NYSC Start in Nigeria?

When Did NYSC Start in Nigeria?

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was set up “with a view to the proper encouragement and development of common ties among the youths of Nigeria and the promotion of national unity.” Nigeria’s history, especially the early days after independence, was filled with so much strife and animosity, that the government of that period sought […]

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