Top 5 Richest States in Nigeria

Nigeria has experienced growth in its economy over the years. Although not fully tapped the potential is endless.

Different states have contributed their quota via Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in various sectors to the Nation’s economy.

These states have further become more attractive to foreign investors and are experiences tremendous growth potential.

Here are the top 5 Richest States in Nigeria:

1. Lagos State

Lagos is a rapidly growing city with many businesses and companies. It is a city with a beehive of activities and a vibrant economy.

The GDP is placed at $33.67 billion and this makes it the richest state in Nigeria.

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2. Rivers State

According to the Business Day newspaper, Rivers has the fastest growing economy. The state is home to Oil based industries and other foreign owned businesses. The GDP of Rivers was reported to be $21.07 billion and is the second richest state in Nigeria.

3. Delta State

A state leading in renewable energy as well as oil production with a GDP of $16.75 billion, which makes it the third richest state in Nigeria. The state attracts a lot of foreign investors and has a strong potential for more growth.

4. Oyo State

This state has a GDP of $16.12 billion and is the fourth richest state in Nigeria. The state experienced a 14% growth rate in GDP between 2008 and 2012. In the South West region, Oyo state is the second highest emerging middle class with a gross state product greater than $1.91 trillion.

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5. Imo State

This states is a business hub to companies and industries especially in the oil and Gas sector. It has a GDP of $14.21 billion and is the fifth richest state in Nigeria. The natural resources found in this state has contributed immensely to the growth of this state.

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  1. jesuit

    OK can delta state grow up with this there arm roble

    governor because PDP governor in delta there are
    all arm rober we don.t went them with there pade pade government

  2. Amara

    It’s so annoying that it is individuals from other states that has made lags what it is today. Especially Igbos,whereas their own states is in a mess.

  3. onos

    all this are rubbish has the ranking of the richest state bring any changes to this country

  4. chimirazy

    you did not even mention porthacourt. enugu

    1. Judith

      my dear is Porthacourt a state? come to think of it they said that Rivers is the second most richest State in Nigeria.

    2. Chimaa Franklyn

      Is port Harcourt not the capital of Rivers??😒

    3. it was compiled with Bias

  5. Prince

    It good like that

  6. Samuel ogboche

    You did’nt mention benue state,what about benue state.

  7. David Owuogba

    Imo and Oyo states are never as rich as Akwa Ibom state. Check your stats very well

  8. kingsley

    Wot abt kaduna?

  9. Mr coffa

    So what About kano State

    1. muhammad

      Don’t mind them

  10. iyanda promise f.o.k.a

    lagos is d best

  11. Mercy

    confirm, lagos state is the richest state in nigeria.

  12. olawale

    I want to be getting the latest news about Nigeria and other countries

    1. Obika Ebuka

      Where is anambra and kano????

      1. Solomon

        I know that Imo state will never Carry last in research kudos

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