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GTBank Personal Banking: Step by Step Guide

You can easily carry out your banking activities on your phone if you are one of GTBank customers.  Mobile banking makes it very easy to carry out banking transaction without any of the hitches and stress associated with brick and mortar banking. No more queues and no more time wasting events at the bank. Just […]

Skye Bank Internet & Online Banking Guide

Skye bank internet banking gives the customers of the bank to carry out banking transactions without stress and this helps improve on banking experience. In the event you are confused about how Skye Bank Internet banking works, this write up will provide some helpful hints to give you better understanding of it towards improving on […]

GTBank Token: How to Get & Use for Transfers

These days, many more people are involved in internet transactions. Gone are the days when you have to queue at the banks in order to carry out transactions. These days, you can carry out many banking transactions online and in the comfort of your room or office. Banks now make such transactions very secure and […]

Skye Bank Nigeria Mobile App: How to Download and Use

Nigerian banks are making effort to meet up to international standard. They also want to give their customers the same measure of services obtainable at international level. While many of them may not be there yet, they are always making progress and they are bent on achieving something great just to put smiles on the […]

First Bank Internet & Mobile Banking Guide

First Bank is providing Internet and mobile banking services to their teeming clients for the purpose of making banking experience a worthwhile one for these clients. In this write-up, some of the very important things you need to take good note of while using the mobile and internet banking services provided by First Bank will […]

Nigeria Radio App: How to Download & Use

Radio app is undoubtedly the way to go.  Many more radio stations want to keep their listeners always entertained and they are making radio apps available to ensure this.  They are all looking for ways to preserve the loyalty of their listeners, and the use of mobile app had proved to be one of the […]

Jumia Nigeria App: How to Download & Use

There are millions of mobile apps out there today for one purpose or the other. The Jumia Mobile App is one of them but it is built with the end user in mind.  The Jumia Mobile App can be said to be the pick of the litter in terms of necessity. With this mobile app, […]

GTBank Online Customer Care: How to Use

Things are becoming easier and simpler these days due to technological development. Banks and various other companies and industries are now adopting different forms of online technique just to promote their goods and services to the general public. GTBank is not different in this situation. They too now make it very easy for their clients […]

GTBank Live Chat: Link + How to Use

GTBank Live Chat gives you the opportunity to link with the bank right online and have a chat with them concerning your account. If you have any challenge as regards your account, maybe there is a wrong deduction or you made any mistake during one transaction or the other, you can link up with them […]

Nigerian Power Generation: How It’s Done Over Time

Nigeria has two main power forms of power plants. There are the hydro-thermal type and the fossil fuel or thermal type.  The thermal type is also of two different types and they are the natural gas-fired type and the coal-fired type. These power plants are highly classified and they are owned by two organizations. The […]

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