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How to Pay For Android Apps in Nigeria

How to Pay For Android Apps in Nigeria Many android apps are free of charges. In fact, one can say android is the best among Smartphone brands when it comes to free app provision. Be that as it may, not all apps on Google play store are made available free of charges to android users; […]

How to Pay For Blackberry Apps In Nigeria

How to Pay For Blackberry Apps In Nigeria Some apps are free for Blackberry users, while some other apps are for sale. You will come by list of the free and paid ones on Blackberry World. There is limitation to the functions of the free ones, while the paid ones have full and exciting features. […]

Natural Hair Salons in Lagos: Top 5

Natural Hair Salons in Lagos: Top 5 Lagos is a big city no doubt. It is one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in the West African sub region. The population is also relatively large; it has one of the largest populations in Nigeria. Needless to say, innumerable businesses operate in Lagos. In fact […]

How to Pay For Facebook Ads in Nigeria

How to Pay For Facebook Ads in Nigeria Advertising on Facebook is considerably profitable. This is more so if you select your target audience properly. Facebook can help present your adverts to the right target and you can start raking in money before you know it. Some people have made lots of money via Facebook […]

Unlimited Data Plans In Nigeria: Are They Realistic?

If there is one thing the 86 million Nigerians connected to the internet desire most, it is unlimited internet access. There are so many downloading to be done and so many sites to visit. There are also groups of Nigerians that believe they can make wealth via the internet and the only thing limiting them […]

IT Companies In Nigeria: Full List

Nigeria has quite a number of functional IT companies and these companies have grown over the years to meet up with the standard obtainable in other parts of the world. Yes, many Nigerian IT companies can hold their own among other IT companies on global scale. This write up contains a compilation of the top […]

HIV Cure in Nigeria: How Far So Far?

Since the HIV/AIDS scourge hit the world, lots of effort had been made to find a cure for it. So far, the world had only been able to find a means of management and no cure for now. Nigeria had been among the countries in the world that had been involved in the fight against […]

Online Payment in Nigeria: Is It Really Safe?

Nigeria is scaling new heights in banking and online marketing. Virtually all the banks in Nigeria now make online transaction available to their clients. You can make purchase online via your bank ATM card, be it MasterCard, verve or visa card. You can buy airtime for your mobile device directly from your bank account. You […]

Joomla Web Hosting in Nigeria

Joomla Web Hosting in Nigeria

Joomla Web Hosting in Nigeria Joomla web hosting in Nigeria is done by quite a number of web hosting companies and this is very useful to those that want to establish a personal or corporate site.  Hosting a joomla website is almost the same process as hosting any other content management system (CMS) Ωwith a […]

History of Political Parties in Nigeria

History of political parties in Nigeria will never be complete if mention is not made of the various political bigwigs in the history of this country. Aside discussing the political parties in Nigeria, this write up will equally discuss about the political history of Nigeria. The first set of political parties to be formed in […]

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