StarTimes Dealer Community: How to Join

As a StarTimes dealer, you are joining force with one of the best outlets in Africa.  You will be provided with outstanding products that are of very high quality and these products are backed by unequaled service.


The markup is incomparable too and far ahead of several other products in the field. If the truth must be told, StarTimes has more attractive proposition than many of the other service providers in the same field.


StarTimes supply various products as listed below:

  • Accessory of digital TV
  • CAR TV
  • Portable TV
  • Mobile TV
  • DVB-T2 Decoder

What are the benefits of partnering with StarTimes?

You will have your hands on real huge business opportunities that many Nigerians have been benefiting from for several years now. StarTimes has up to 3,000,000 potential subscribers in Nigeria today.

In the nearest future, up to 4,000,000 TVs will have to connect to decoder either they like it or not, making the market very huge for StarTimes dealers. At present, Nigeria is migrating to digital TV broadcasting and this means StarTimes dealers are in for huge surprise.

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The selling point StarTimes has is yet another factor that will make partnering with them a real profitable deal.  Their decoders are affordable, same for their subscriptions.

StarTimes offer more than 70 interesting channels; these channels cover local stations, music, kids program, religious programs, lifestyle, documentaries, entertainment, sports, movies, commerce and news programs.

There is no need to install dish with StarTimes decoder; this makes installation very easy.  The pictures are also of top quality.  The service is reliable and the maintenance is life-long. You will be given assistance by their support team after you buy the decoder.

The dealer policy provided by StarTimes puts the dealer in a win-win situation. The dealer is provided with very strong marketing support. The dealer can profit more, thanks to the competitive discounts and profit attached to partnering with StarTimes. Their brand may be new, but it is very strong.

Who is qualified to be a StarTimes dealer?

In order to be considered to be a dealer for StarTimes, you are required to be engaged one way or the other in the sales or services of antenna, dish, decoder, digital TV industry, computers, mobile phones, TV sets and various electronics products.

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They equally give concession to individuals who may not be involved in any of the fields listed above.

How to register

In order to register as StarTimes dealer, visit their website at and fill the form provided on the site. In the form, you are expected to provide certain information, like your title, your contact person, name of your shop or name of your company, your physical address, your state and city.

Additionally, you are required to provide your phone number, your email address and also your website, provided you have one.  Click on submit after filling the form. StarTimes will get across to you after they have properly reviewed the form you have submitted.  It is very important that you provide correct information when filling the form.


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    pls I bought a decoder this morning and is not yet activated pls how can I do it have call d seller but his number is off. pls help me out

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