See What Happened Between Casillas and Pique During Training

Spain is training in preparation for their match against Italy in the ongoing Euro 2016 games. However a little drama played out during the training that had been attracting attention in the world of football globally.

The little drama ensued between Iker Casillas and Gerard Pique. You will recall that Pique plays for Barcelona of Spain, while Casillas was the former goaltender for Real Madrid. The whole scene played out in the most subtle of manners, but it was visible enough for the world to take note.

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Pique had made attempt to get one over Casillas, but the latter wouldn’t have any of such and had responded by slamming his legs together to block the ball. The two players had approached each other laughing. Casillas had reached out his hand to slap Pique playfully on the cheek. However, it was obvious that Pique did not find it funny as he had walked away with changed facial expression.

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