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Fiscal Policy in Nigeria: A Brief Overview

The purpose of the Nigerian fiscal policy is divided into two. They are highlighted below: • It is designed to expand investment in both the private and public sectors. • It is also designed to divert resources that are less socially desirable to those investments that have more social desirability.   Fiscal policy is designed […]

The Nigerian Labour Laws: Do They Really Hold Water

The purpose of setting up the Nigerian labour laws is to protect the rights of the Nigerian worker. The law also seeks to ensure better working conditions for him/her while also ensuring he/she gets paid the right minimum wage. This ensures the worker benefits from all legal dictates relating to labour in Nigeria and ensures […]

The Nigerian Legal System: A Brief Overview

Civil actions, court prosecutions and contracts form the basis on which the Nigerian legal system is built. The lawyers are the main interpreters of the law to other Nigerians, who do not have sufficient knowledge regarding the law to enable personal interpretation. Same legal knowledge qualifies the lawyer to stand in for one as advocates […]

Customary Law in Nigeria: All You Need To Know

The Nigerian legal system is somewhat broad and diverse. Its diverse nature calls for special studies. It had been notices that the religious and ethnic diversifications of Nigeria are major factor responsible for the broadness of its laws. Do not forget also that Nigeria is made up of three main regions, vis-à-vis the Western Region, […]

Criminal Law in Nigeria: All You Need To Know

There are certain things you need to know as a Nigerian about the criminal law in Nigeria.  It is important you are aware of these facts to enable you participate fully in the system of things in Nigeria.  You should not wait till you are compelled by situation to search for adequate knowledge on this […]

Buhari Was Not Chosen By God- Apostle Suleman

Apostle Suleman said President Buhari was not chosen by God. He said Nigerians chose Buhari not God. The man of God said this in a meeting with Encomium, his words: “Nigerians chose Buhari and not God. Let me tell you this, at times, God can allow you choose what you want. Your child screams ‘I […]

I Am Being Investigated For Corruption- Jonathan

ex-President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday guarded his presidency, saying he battled corruption, however included that he is being investigated for corruption by the Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. He additionally denied leaving a empty treasury. In a meeting with Bloomberg Television in London, broadcast yesterday, Dr.Jonathan said the menace by the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) will be gently […]

APC Will Apologise To Nigerians in 2019 -PDP

Delta State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain, Chief Sunny Onuesoke has predicted that come 2019 when PDP must have assumed the Presidency of the nation and All Progressive Congress (APC) would have understand the mischief they did to Nigerians, the party would come creeping on it stoops apologizing to Nigerians and PDP for the mishaps […]

President Buhari is Sick- Premium Times

President Muhammadu Buhari is sick and is being treated at the presidential villa, PREMIUM TIMES can definitively report. The president has an infection in his left ear, generally called Meniere Disease, a test which has definitely subdued his trips in the most recent one week. As an after effect of the disease, the president now […]

PDP Attacks Buhari for Democracy Day Address

A few individuals from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have responded to the discourse given by President Muhammadu Buhari on Democracy Day which likewise denote his first year in office. President Buhari in his address to the country on Sunday, May 29 discussed the condition of the country and the issue Nigeria was experiencing. He […]

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