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Nigeria Customs Phone Number & Contact Details

The Nigerian customs service (NCS) is an independent agency and they are supervised by the Nigerian ministry of Finance. Responsibility of the NCS is to collect custom revenue on behalf of the Nigerian government and to also prevent smuggling of any kind. The agency was founded in 1891. Before it became an independent agency, it […]

Operational Structure of the Nigeria Immigration Service

If you need information about operational structure of the Nigeria Immigration Service, then you have come to the right source of information .The Nigeria Immigration Service was recently restructured and this tends to affect the way the officers and men operate. Do not forget that the Nigeria Immigration Service was once under the Nigeria Police […]

Salaries of Nigerian Senators: A Detailed Breakdown

An average Nigerian senator is a rich man in all sense of the word. He is a millionaire, thanks to the huge salary he receives on monthly basis. Aside his basic salaries as a senator, he is also given a host of allowances that make his total take-home pay really mouthwatering. One of the main […]

Salary of Nigeria President: Full Details

Salary of Nigeria President: Full Details The Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari effected a salary cut almost immediately he became president; his reason being that there was need to cut government expenditure. Many Nigerians saw this as good development.  Not only the salary of the president was cut by 50%; that of his vice too was […]

History of Political Parties in Nigeria

History of political parties in Nigeria will never be complete if mention is not made of the various political bigwigs in the history of this country. Aside discussing the political parties in Nigeria, this write up will equally discuss about the political history of Nigeria. The first set of political parties to be formed in […]

Historical Development of the Nigerian Constitution

The purpose of this write up is to trace the source of the Nigerian constitution and how it was developed from time. The development actually stated from 1922 and a substantial content was added in 1979; that was long after the Nigerian Civil War.  Yet more content was added in 1999 when a number of […]

Fiscal Policy in Nigeria: A Brief Overview

The purpose of the Nigerian fiscal policy is divided into two. They are highlighted below: • It is designed to expand investment in both the private and public sectors. • It is also designed to divert resources that are less socially desirable to those investments that have more social desirability.   Fiscal policy is designed […]

The Nigerian Labour Laws: Do They Really Hold Water

The purpose of setting up the Nigerian labour laws is to protect the rights of the Nigerian worker. The law also seeks to ensure better working conditions for him/her while also ensuring he/she gets paid the right minimum wage. This ensures the worker benefits from all legal dictates relating to labour in Nigeria and ensures […]

The Nigerian Legal System: A Brief Overview

Civil actions, court prosecutions and contracts form the basis on which the Nigerian legal system is built. The lawyers are the main interpreters of the law to other Nigerians, who do not have sufficient knowledge regarding the law to enable personal interpretation. Same legal knowledge qualifies the lawyer to stand in for one as advocates […]

Customary Law in Nigeria: All You Need To Know

The Nigerian legal system is somewhat broad and diverse. Its diverse nature calls for special studies. It had been notices that the religious and ethnic diversifications of Nigeria are major factor responsible for the broadness of its laws. Do not forget also that Nigeria is made up of three main regions, vis-à-vis the Western Region, […]

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