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Civil Service in Nigeria: A General Overview

The Nigerian civil service is made up of the employees in the Nigerian government agencies aside the military.  Most of the employees are actually career civil servants in Nigerian ministries. They progress form one stage to the other based on their seniority and qualifications.  The head of service has recently introduced measures that can make […]

Service Chiefs in Nigeria: Full Detail

The Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari named new set of service chiefs for the Nigerian armed forces on July 2015 just few days after he assumed office of the president. Those appointed were Major general Abayomi Gabriel Olonishakin, Major General T.Y. Buratai, Rear Admiral Ibok Ete Ekwe Ibas and Vice Marshal Sadique Abubakar. Air Vice Marshal […]

Tiers of Government in Nigeria

The Nigerian government structure is made up of three tiers, which are the federal government, state government and the local government. The three of them are involved in delivering dividends of democracy to the people. They each have their roles to play as entities, but they also collaborate in certain respects, especially when it has […]

Poverty Alleviation Programs In Nigeria

Successive Nigerian governments have established one form of poverty alleviation program or the other and they claimed the purpose is to fight poverty in Nigeria. Despite all these efforts, poverty is still starring many Nigerians in the eyes till today. In actual fact, the number of those living below poverty line is increasing. The very […]

Salary Structure in Nigeria: The Full List

Nigerian salary structures are of different types. These salary structures were established by the National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission, which is a body directly under the control of the presidency.  The body was established in 1993 and it bases its decisions on salary structures on recommendations handed over since 1960 till present time. The […]

Commissioners in Lagos State: The Full List

Lagos is an economically outstanding state. The state is next to the Atlantic ocean and this makes it a real economic powerhouse in Nigeria. Lagos is equally the former seat of the federal government and this is largely responsible for the great economic impact the state has in Nigeria. A huge percentage of the companies […]

Lagos Inland Revenue Services

Lagos inland Revenue Services is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and productive government agencies in Lagos state of today. If the truth must be told, this organization has formed the backbone of the Lagos state finances. They are generating billions of naira of the Lagos state government every month and they are doing a […]

Aliko Dangote’s Children’s Names

Aliko Dangote had been married a number of times. He was actually married twice, but this does not make him a polygamous person; he divorced his first wife before marrying the second one. He equally divorced his second wife after some years together. Presently, Aliko Dangote is a bachelor; he does not have any wife […]

History of Nigerian Civil War

The Nigerian civil war is commonly referred to as the Biafran War.  It was fought between 6th of July, 1967 to 15th of January, 1970.  Purpose of the war was to quell the secession of Biafra from the original Nigeria. Biafra is a part of Nigeria covering the old eastern region of the country.  This […]

History of Nigerian Economy: A Brief Overview

The Nigerian economy has gone through ups and downs. There had been very good days and there had been several histories of gloomy days. The economy had experienced its best in the past and it had also experienced the worst one can ever imagine. History of Nigeria’s economy dated back to before independence on October […]

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