Palm Oil Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

On the list of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria is Palm Oil business.

This is one of the few Nigerian businesses that guarantees you more than 100% ROI and is unbelievably easy to start and manage. In short, palm oil business brings you cool money without stress.

But why is this business so lucrative?

Palm oil is used for a number of things which makes it a very hot, high-in-demand product. Some of its uses include-:

  • Cooking-: Palm Oil contains a lot of vitamins and essential nutrientsand is commonly used as a cooking ingredient.
  • Manufacturing-: Palm oil is an essential ingredient in manufacturing a number of products like cosmetics, food items and personal care supplies.
  • Drugs-: Palm oil is also used in manufacturing some drugs like vitamin supplements.
  • Pet Feed Manufacturing-: Palm oil is used in making pet feed as well.
  • Exportation-: Palm oil products and by-products are also popularly demanded in the international market.

So when you start marketing your palm oil business, these are the industries you should focus on.

Palm Oil Production Season

Unlike other types of businesses, this is a business that has its seasons and not an all-year round kind of business.

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The Palm oil peak season starts in February through April/May. This is when you would buy your palm oil in large quantities in wait for the off-peak period.

During Peak Periods, you could get a 25 liter keg of Palm oil for as low N4, 000 which could be sold for as much as N8, 000 between July and January which is the off-peak season.

To start this business, these are the steps to take-:


The amount of capital you need to run this business depends on you and the scale of business you want to run but you may need between N100, 000 and N1 Million or more for this business.

The most important thing however, is to have your capital ready for when the peak period starts. This is also a business that involves tying down of capital for a long time so you may want to take note of that when borrowing money from financial institutions or when sourcing for investors.

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Look for a Storage Space

You need a place to store your goods in wait for the off-peak period; somewhere cool, dry and safe. If you have a room that you do not use in your home often, you could make do with that or rent a place you can make use of.

You also need a couple of 25-liters kegs which you would use to store the palm oil.

Source for Products

You can get palm oil cheaply during peak period from places like Delta State, Bayelsa State, Imo State, Rivers State,Abia State, Akwa Ibom, Ondo State, Edo State and Rivers State.

It is very important to buy Palm Oil of good quality. This would make it easier for you to get customers to sell to.

Source for Buyers

Like I already mentioned above, you need to wait for the off-peak period which basically starts in July and then start to sell your products.You can sell to individuals (Wholesalers), food companies or any of the buyers mentioned above.

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  1. EP General

    every business seems perfect at the beginning but are the difficulties one could face on the long run

  2. Tejiri Ededjo

    25 litre is how much reach me on 07032777290

  3. Tejiri Ededjo

    Hi very one I am Tj I want to start the palm oil business in my locality I need to know how much I can get the 25 litre of oil, and also a trust worthy person I can do business with, you can reach me on WhatsApp with the following number 07032777290, thanks I hope to get a respond sone

  4. Tejiri Ededjo

    Hi every one my name is Tj i want to kick start the oil business in my locality,I want to know how much I can get 25 litre of oil and also a trust worthy person to do business with, you can reach me on WhatsApp with this number 07032777290 thanks I hope to get a respond

  5. Atama

    ABADIPRE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED RC 1392831 based in North west needs people who will supply our company quality palm oil at a good price. If you are interested and have the capacity to be our supplier contact Atama on 08032867131 between 8am and 5pm. Thank you.
    NOTE: We insist on quality.

  6. Hifajfoods

    Our Oil is rich in Vitamin A and is affordable. A trial order will convince you! Follow us on our instagram page @hifajfoods . Call: 08074459842

  7. Hifajfoods

    Kindly feel free to call me for you supply on 08074459842. our oil is rich in Vitamin A and is affordable.follow us on instagram @hifajfoods.A trial order with convince you!

  8. Acha Eke

    My name is Stommy and I leave in Abuja. I want to go into Charcoal Business. Any body that can supply me in large quantity should please contact me on 08035491378

    1. steve

      Call me for chacoal supply 07088847876 steve

  9. Linda peter enyi

    Hello nice forum…I am into palm oil sales and need suppliers of my product in whole sale..Presently based in lagos…Please call me(08134784931) thanks..

    1. Joshua


      Let’s connect…

    2. JOSH


  10. Joan

    I am based in makurdi Benue state. If you need quality palm oil contacts me on 09029563220. We can deliver to any part of Nigeria

    1. Joshua

      How much do you sell per keg???


  11. Ay prince

    I sell palm oil in demand from Calabar/Akwa Ibom. Any one interested should please contact me. 08063661085

    1. Am interested in buying this my line 0815441960


    I sell quality palm oil. Contact me for wholesale or retail purpose. Call or WhatsApp +2348134371661, email:
    please, I’m not a dubious person and will never be. A trial will convince you. Thanks and GOD bless.

    1. Eunice Thompson

      Please I am interested. How much for 25litres? Reach me on

    2. deola

      pls aw much is 25litre and
      how can we do business

      1. Joshua

        Send your contact

      2. Hifajfoods

        hi deola,

        You can reach call on 0704459842 me for an affordable supply. My price is unbeatable…My instagram page is @hifajfoods

    3. Aliyu

      I need quality palm oil pls call 08160911630

  13. safiyyah

    I want to start the business, so I need a trustworthy person to do business with

    1. Joshua


    2. hpproducts

      Good. I have a quality product and its pay as I delivered. If truely u are interested call me on this number. 09092474900

  14. john

    Any one that need palm oil in large or small quantity is always available for sell if you are interested. contact me on 07030077821.

  15. Emmanson Godswill

    Hi I have palm oil from Akwa Ibom state for sale in Large quantity here in Lagos. Interested buyer should contact me on 08022295132 or Fraudsters should please keep away thanks.

  16. Hakeem Falade

    Lovely write up. At this point in time. How can I differentiate genuine oil from adulterated one?

  17. VICTOR

    please it’s been a motivating site,am Victor i based at P.H and i want to start an oil business. which companies can i supply to

  18. Oketokun adebayo

    Hello am bayo base in Ogun state and I want to start palm oil business I need some that is in to production so I can buy and resell 08026567333,08054763685

  19. ODEDIRAN Odeyinka

    I’m into palm oil production and sales. I sell in large quantities depending on the volume of production in my village at Iwo in Osun state. Our palm oil is of a very good quality and I am ready to partner with anyone that is serious with the business. I can be contacted through this number:+2348066469123 (whatsapp) or or bbm: 25CDAD53. Pls, I am not into dubious activity and business is not by force, thanks.

  20. Confidence.

    If u want to buy palm oil in bulk now, contact me @ 08165543374 now. I stay in Rivers state, l can send the product to any where in Nigeria after reaching agreement. I am genuine and have been doing the business for a long time now right from my university days. Pls fraudsters should not call me bcos they will not succeed.

    1. Akperan Haa-Orpin

      Where is ur location? How much is 25ltrs current price. I want to start the business, buying and reselling to retailers. My name is Akperan. 08098177505

  21. habila garba

    hi my name is habila i want to go in to the palm oil business in jos plateau state like to meet some one that is reliable to suply me in large quantity contact me viathis mail like to hear from you.

    1. Confidence.

      Call me Habila Garba on 08165543374

  22. Mr Chiemeka

    kelvin this is my number 08132177085

  23. Vivian

    My name is Vivian and I stay in Lagos
    Pls I need contacts that will buy in bulk from is my number 07065910242

  24. monday

    Oluwasun i also have the product am stay in abuja and get my product from kogi state.. U can contact me on 07081119253 or email me at
    Cost as at june 2016 is 7000….. Because of d economy
    Call me and lets talk

    1. Akperan Haa-Orpin

      I want to start the business. Buying at wholesale and selling retailers. What’s the current wholesale price for 25 ltrs. Where is ur location?
      Please contact me ASAP.

  25. Falana Olawale

    I can supplier any quantity of palm Oil any where in Nigeria. Please call me on 08062442281

  26. Famakinwa Femi

    Hi kelvin, femi is my name from lagos. I have ready market for the product in large quantity. Please contact me on 08061514958. Its very urgent. Thanks.

  27. kelvin M.

    I have d product but my problem is who is ready to buy it in bulk whenever I brings it.b/c I’m schooling so I don’t want to keep storage.

    1. Oluwaseun

      Kevin gd day. How much is your 30ltr of good quality ? And where are you located? Am much interested. Hope you are genuine. I await your response

      1. kelvin M.

        Gudpm Mr Olusola,I can gv #5500 per 30lit.I’m staying at Kwali FcT Abuja.but d goods is currently in Abia state now.I want to do evry necessary enquiry before bringing it b/c I’m currently schooling nw.

        1. Steven arinze

          Mr. Kelvin I base in enugu. I also need the supply pls contact me on 07069732343 let us discourse well.

        2. Joshua E

          Mr Kelvin how do I reach you… Very much interested
          Contact me on 08188046987

          1. hpproducts

            We are producers of Natural palm oil and we have high quality products and our price is very ok. We delivered to you in any part of the nation and it is delivering before payment. Pls only call if you are ready for serious business. 09092474700

    2. Famakinwa Femi

      Hi kelvin, femi is my name from lagos. I have ready market for the product in large quantity. Please contact me on 08061514958. Its very urgent. Thanks.

      1. deola

        send me the detail of the price of 25litre palm oil

    3. Princewill

      Mr Kelvin I will buy in bulk if you have a very good product, contact me on 08037433063 will be waiting

    4. Mr Chiemeka

      kelvin i need the product, how can i get in touch with u.

    5. ponti

      plz drop ur digits, i want to buy

      1. ponti

        @kelvin, plz ur digits is needed

        1. chima

          my name is chima.i supply palm mobile phone number is 08034461831.

    6. Kenny

      pls, call or send an sms to dis phone, we need to discuss

  28. Faley Samuel

    really appreciate this write up, pls can i still make my profit if buy now and sell immediately.considering transport,cost of empty kegs,shop rent and cost of conveying it down to buyers within my localty.
    lastly,how do know a good palmoil from adultrated one.

  29. abayomi

    I love this business may God help me ‘please anybody that can help me financially I know much about the business may God help us

  30. sampson

    How do i know good palm oil from bad one ?

    1. Francisca

      I’m interested in the biz.

  31. galaxy

    a good business to do

  32. Ilori Olushola

    Am into palm oil production and if u are interested in buying good palm oil (red oil), contact me.
    Name: Olushola
    Phone: +2348142903220
    Email: olusholailori@gmail.come
    Location: Okitipupa, Ondo state.

    1. please how do you sell your palm oil 25 liters in large quantities thanks.

    2. Aguele Augustine

      Hello, I aguele augustine urgently need large quantity of palm oil
      Please you can send your price list per liter via
      Phone number: 08037502301

    3. prosper

      were is ur location n how much is 25 liters

  33. Divine

    My dream business!!cool biz

  34. prince

    uhmmmm i must start asap. . good work!!

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