What’s the Cost of Clearing Cars in Nigeria?

It’s the average Nigerian’s dream to own a personal car. For Nigerians, having a personal car is not a luxury but a necessity. If you are ever in doubt, just wait till you get stuck in a bus-stop under a very heavy rain or when you have to miss a very important meeting because you […]

Slot Nigeria Price List (Current Prices)

Slot Nigeria is one of the most popular tech device retail outlets in Nigeria. The company sells phones, tablets, PCs, and accessories. And it has shops sprinkled all over the country. One reasons why many Slot has enjoyed widespread acceptance and patronage is the relatively reduced prices of their offers when compared to those of […]

Gold Price in Nigeria: Confirm the Latest Price of Gold

Whether you buy gold for use or for sale, you’ll need to confirm the current market price of this precious metal from time to time. This will help you keep abreast of market trends and make well informed buying and selling decisions. Here, I’ll be sharing with you links to two websites that provide up-to-date […]

US (American) Embassy in Nigeria: Full Contact Details

Please note that the United States of America has 2 mission offices in Nigeria — the United States Embassy (Abuja) and the United States Consulate General (Abuja). Bear in mind that each office handles different issues. U.S. Embassy in Nigeria, Abuja Embassy of the United States of America, Plot 1075, Diplomatic Drive, Central District Area, […]

Population of Nigeria: How It Changed Over the Years

The 2006 census figures puts the population of Nigeria at 140,431,790 people. However 2014 estimations put the country’s population at 174,507,539 people. With a population of around 175 million people, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the 7th most populous in the world. The country is inhabited by over 500 ethnic groups, […]

Military Rule in Nigeria: History, Advantages & Disadvantages

Military rule in Nigeria first started on January 15, 1966, when a group or army officers overthrew the NPC-NNDP government and killed many of the country’s political rulers. The military history of Nigeria since the colonial rule began precisely on the 1st October 1966. The country was at its infantile stage and was still trying […]

What Is Nigeria’s Postal Code? Get The Correct Code Here!

One of the main reasons why letters, parcels and goods are not delivered to their right destinations is that they are tagged with the wrong postal codes. Please note that no single postal code works for all areas within Nigeria. (So, if you’ve always thought 23401 or 110001 applies to the whole country, you’re wrong.) […]

50+ Hot Business Opportunities in Nigeria

There are a lot of unemployed people in Nigeria. And when I think about this, it really saddens my heart because I strongly feel that there are lots of business opportunities and untapped ideas that the average Nigerian can tap into and start making some money from, however small. I know some people would say […]

How to Start a Business in Nigeria: Step By Step Guide

These days you can find very useful information about entrepreneurship and starting a business. But often time you will need to separate the wheat from the chaff in order to get the right information. Usually the process of starting a business begins with an idea. Once you think the idea is good enough to build […]

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