Crude Oil in Nigeria: Discovery, Developments & Projections

The petroleum industry in Nigeria is the largest all over the African continent. As of 2014, Nigeria’s petroleum industry contributes about 14% to its economy. Therefore, though the petroleum sector is important, it remains, in fact a small part of the country’s overall diversified economy The Crude oil found in Nigerian is mostly from the […]

Top Banks in Nigeria (Based on Customer Base)

Nigeria has 25 licensed commercial banks. Some of them operate only regionally, some nationally, while some other ones have international banking license from the Central Bank of Nigeria. In this write-up, you will learn about the top banks in Nigeria based on customer base and satisfaction. Zenith Bank Zenith Bank stands head taller than the […]

Top 20 Nigerian Newspapers (Online & Offline)

There are many news outlets in Nigeria today. In times past, many of them were only able to print hard copies. But these days, they also make their reports available online and people can visit their website for information on latest news and update. In this write-up, you will learn about the top 20 newspapers […]

How Can Nigeria be Industrialized?

Industrialization holds the secret to the development of any country. Nigerian is not yet as industrialized as desired, but the country can actually become as industrialized as any Nigerian would love it to be. Virtually everything being used in Nigeria today is imported and this is not good for the economy. The most painful aspect […]

Transportation System in Nigeria: Past & Present

Nigeria is undoubtedly a highly populated country. There are about 170 million people in Nigeria. Nigerian population is also highly diverse and this gives the country the advantage of a highly diversified economy. The oil boom of 1973 is one of the factors that pushed the economy of the country to the roof. This also […]

Startups in Nigeria: Top 10 Most Successful Ones Ever

There are many startups in Nigeria today and their establishment gives  Nigerians hope, especially those that think they cannot start from a very small level to build something rally tangible. In this write-up, you will get to learn about the top 10 startups in Nigeria.   Precurio The company is set up to provide intranet […]

Nigerian Tax System: Details, Merits & Demerits

The Nigerian tax system has been taken through several reforms and modifications.  The purpose is to further enhance the process of tax collection and administration in Nigeria.  The government is also seeking for a way to incur minimal cost in the process of enforcing tax on Nigeria’s.  There was the introduction to TIN, which is […]

Startup Funding in Nigeria: 10 Ways to Secure Funds

In this write-up, you will learn about ten different ways via which you can raise capital to start your business. If you have been struggling to raise startup capital, the information provided here will be of help. Personal savings This can be referred to as self-help. It is one of the most basic ways to […]

List of Nigerian Online Shopping Sites

There are varieties of online stores in Nigeria and they have become very popular in recent times. These online stores are making shopping very easy for Nigerians. Many of them also offer free home delivery, especially for people that are placing order from the same cities in which the stores are located. More than 90% […]

List of Nigerian Foods (and Where They’re Eaten)

Jollof rice Jollof’s base ingredient is always rice, and tomato, pepper and onion, plus scotch bonnets. It’s customizable according to your preference. Make it hotter than the sun, or as mild as a European’s palette. Add mixed vegetables if you want. Akara These delicious protein-packed fritters are light, making them ideal for breakfast as a […]

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