Nigerian Army Salary Structure: How Much are Nigerian Soldiers Paid

Wearing the Nigerian Army uniform can command respect and power but are the Nigerian soldiers paid as much most people think? This article reveals the Nigerian army salary structure and how much the different ranks in the Nigerian army are paid monthly. But not only that, it also goes to show how much the they are being paid to defend the country.

The Nigerian Army’s basic function is to safeguard the nation against any sort of external aggression, support the interest of its citizens and country and it is known to be the largest in West Africa, however according to a report on most of the soldiers can perform a little more than the basic defensive operations.

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Nigerian Army Salary Structure Scale

Talking about the salary packages of the army, it is classified into Non-Commissioned and Commissioned. There are seven ranks under the non commissioned classification and ten ranks under the commissioned classification.

Find the Nigerian Army Salary Structure Below:


Nigerian Army Salary (Non-Commissioned Officers)

Private Soldier – N48,000 – N49,000

Lance Corporal – N54,000 – N55,000

Corporal – N58,000

Sergeant – N63,000

Staff Sergeant – N68,000

Warrant Officer – N80,000

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Master Warrant Officer – N90,000

Nigerian Army Salary (Commissioned Officers)

Second Lieutenant – N120,000

Lieutenant – N180,000

Captain – N220,000

Major – N300,000

Lt. Colonel – N350,000

Colonel – N550,000

Brigadier General – N750,000

Major General – N950,000

Lt. General – N1 million

General – N1.5 million

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