National ID Card: NIMC Pre Enrolment, Registration Portal and Form

Do you need more information about the NIMC pre enrolment, registration portal, and registration form? Then you’re just on the right page. Read on!

The National Identity Management Commission [NIMC] was established in 2007 to provide an assured identity system in Nigeria. The commission became operational sometime in 2012 and since then, millions of Nigerians have been enroll and millions more are yet to be enrolled.

Honestly, the inability to find these NIMC centers and the long queues a person finds when he gets to these centers are contributory reasons why many people haven’t enrolled for the National Identity Number yet irrespective of speculations that abound that the National Identity Number will become mandatory from 16t January, 2015.

If you haven’t been enrolled for this all-important identity system, it is important that you do and do so before the stipulated deadline.

To find the NIMC center close to you, click here to get the full list of centers around the country. Locate the one close to you and start your enrollment process.

If you are not comfortable with crowds or you dislike waiting or you live in the part of the country where insurgents seek any opportunity to terrorize the masses, you make want to reduce the time of your wait on getting to the centers.

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To do so, you can jump-start your enrollment process by pre-enrollment.

How to Pre-Enroll for NIN

To jump-start your NIN enrollment process, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the NIMC Pre-enrollment Portal by clicking the link here
  2. Once the page opens up in your web browser, you will be required to create an account. To create the account, you will need to have a valid email or create one on Gmail
  3. Once you’ve created your account successfully, You can now log into the portal to commence your pre-enrollment process
  4. Your pre-enrollment process will require that you answer questions about yourself. The questions are going to be presented to you in categories like Personal Details, Address Information, Parent’s Data, Next of Kin Information, Other Documents, Disabilities and Physical features. Answer these questions as correctly as you can.
  5. Revise and cross check all the information you have supplied them for any spelling errors or other errors. Save the supplied info and generate a 2D barcode that encrypts your data.
  6. Print out the generated 2D barcode and head out to the NIMC center closest to you. Please take a valid identity card with you: a driver’s license, your university ID, voter’s card or NYSC certificate.
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Upon arrival at the NIMC centre, you will present the 2D barcode you printed out along with a valid ID card to the staff there. Most often than not, they will need to measure your height. After that you will present the barcode to the computer operator who will use it to retrieve your information from the database.

He will scan your valid ID card take pictures of your face and capture your finger prints. Lastly, you will be asked to sign and ‘like play like play’, you are enrolled.

PS: A transaction slip will be given to you as an acknowledgment of your enrollment. You will use it to collect your NIN and National ID card if you don’t get the message from them after two months.

How did your pre-enrollment go? Share with us in the comments and please share this important article on social media for the benefit of your friends!

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  1. Hur Nathaniel

    I Did My Nin Since 2014 November, but the Original Is not yet available, Should I do another One Or Wait? I Have the Slip

  2. charts umaru ndalimi

    Umaru charts. I’ve did my final registered since last week monday 19-06-2017 and I was ask to come back next 5 day for temporary unfortunately I went back for it and officials too me that is not ready yet that I should send a mail to that they we tell me wat to do so pls here is my phone number 07035994229 pls oo I need the temporary one

    1. chatta umaru ndalimi

      I’ve did my final registered and capturing since last week Monday 19-06-2017 and I was ask to come back next 5 day for temporary unfortunately and I went back for it official too me that is not ready yet that I should send a mail to that they we tell me wat to do so pls here is my phone munber 07035994229 so pls I need the temporary one ooo


    Hello, I registered for a friend some years back but did not print the barcode, we have his password but the username we can’t remember, please what do we do knowing that registering twice is a crime, please HELP!

  4. Oluwaseun

    Please I have not see my national identity management system please !
    My names are – Odumuyiwa

  5. Justice bitrus haruna

    I succefuly in pre inrolment jan 18 2017 iwent there to colect temporaly and thy sai mine is internal error till now what will i do?

  6. solomon ishaku

    Pls I want to register my Nimc but is not responding

  7. Favour

    I do not know what is wrong with your enrollement, I did mine in over a year ago. precisely 16th of Feb, 2016. I was given only a transaction slip at LA-UNILAG center.

    I have been sending mail to get my NIN, all effort prove abortive, and I was denied update on my account in the bank because they are requesting for the original ID and not slip.

    Please could help?

  8. shittu Abdullahi olayiwola

    please help me out,i want to register for national i d card thanks.

  9. Abbey Franky

    Hi, i have been trying to upload (enroll) for NIN since morning but site is not opening. HELP ME OUT, PLEASE!

  10. victory

    trying to open the registration page but it not opening

  11. MalbakOscar

    I seem to be having the same problem with some of the people here and I haven’t seen it being addressed.
    I was finally able to do data capturing (@ NAFRC, Oshodi) despite registering since February 2016 (they refused to acknowledge School ID or even Birth Certificate @ Ikeja LGA). Expecting to get my NIN Temporary Slip later, I was told there i
    was an INTERNAL ERROR. I was told to contact NIMC help desk at
    How long does it take to address the INTERNAL ERROR and for the NIN to be generated.?

  12. gladys

    hello….please how long does it take to get a plastic card for the national identity card

  13. superwoman

    pls my state of origin b modified?

  14. superwoman

    good day ,pls is it possible for me to modify my state of origin


    am convice the ask me for DOB verrification, an in my critificate of my brith, place of brith is different from where i was born so there state are nt whT CAN I DO



  17. Johnson

    please what is the website for Nigeria national identity card?


    Pls can i do my NIMC With my, Business Id card?

  19. Adekunle Peter

    i registerd six month ago but yet to receive the second slip. please what cause the delay?

    1. Weren’t you given a day to come back for the second slip? Go back to the centre with your first slip and get your second sleep.

  20. Tosin

    I have registered since early last year but till now, all I have is temporary I D card. When will the real card be given?
    I’ve checked on a link that enable one to see if your card is available but its all futile, is there other ways one could go about this card?

  21. igbonu faith chiamaka

    pls i lost the code sent to me on my phone, how can i get it back

  22. emmanuel chigozie

    please i misplaced my nimc slip,am i going to re-enroll again?

  23. Emmanuel Edama

    I regirtered on 11/9/2016 but haven’t collect the card pls help. My NIN is 83939621033

  24. favour osayuwamen

    Pls I misplaced my temporary NIN slip, what can I do?

    1. manuwa adetoun

      my name is toun, I misplaced my NIN slip but I have the enrollment transaction slip. I enrolled March 2015. what can I do to get my registration number and card. urgently need your response

  25. oyenola damilare

    I did my nimc enrollment but I was told there is an internal error. please I need my temporary nimc slip. what can I do?

  26. Cynthia

    Please how long does it take to get the temporary slip. I did my data capturing 25th May 2016 but till now, almost a month later, i still havent gotten the temporary slip. My colleagues that did theirs about the same time with me got their temporary slips just a week later. Also, how long does it take to get the plastic national ID card.

  27. Onwunali Elene Agatha

    I’ve registered for the 🆔 last month and I went today to collect my temporary, the register told me that another person has thesame identity with me, so I don’t know what to do because I need it urgently.

    1. Onwunali Ekene Agatha

      Onwunali Ekene Agatha not (Elene)

  28. Aderemi

    I dnt av any of d valid id wat shuld i do,can i use my birth certificate

  29. Adebola Diekola

    Please I have done the National Identity Card Registration since April 2015. But I have misplaced my slip. What can I do please to get my National Identity card.

    Thank you.

    1. grace ogechukwu

      god day pls i have registered today and when am i likely to collect the main card?tnanks

  30. Adelola Temitope Rebecca

    Pls mine is writing internal error for the past two weeks and I really need it urgently. pls what can I do

  31. sarah sunday

    please i need help. my nimc card has a name error on it. can i block that one and re register?




    My registration enter Internal error and its need it urgently pls help me

  34. Eze Johnson

    Can I use the number on my voter’s card as my NIN?

    1. Eze,
      No you cannot use it as your National Identity Number

  35. Oyenuga A

    I had registered wth Transaction slip given to me since December 2015. Im yet to have my NIN. Kindly advise

  36. muktar usman

    Complement of the season, I wish to request you find out for me, I have register since last year with this slip number 3357530401 up to date i could not get my own card.

    1. Whip

      U will get a msg from NIN when it’s ready..

  37. shola

    have did the final registration since April last year with the temporary paper id. am surprise that till now I cant get hold of the original. Kindly advice what is going on. thanks

  38. Orumeruegbe Fidelis

    I registered for NIN card early dis month of November. I was ask to come back after 3 days of registration to get my NIN. But unfortunately, the official told me that there’s internal error nd dat I shud com back in January next yr.So pls I dnt understand.

  39. adenike

    i have my voters card with me but i av changed my name so i cant use one of the name on my voters card for national id cars,i dont know if that will be possible

    1. Hi Adenike,
      Then take the voters card along with any evidence that shows you have changed your name.

  40. adenike

    please can i use my birth certificate as my id card cause i have none of the required id card ?

    1. No you cannot as the birth certificate does not have a passport attached to it.

  41. Eteng okoi

    My quest gos like this,i observed that, the enrolment we wen’t from the 2005 when this excise started, and that the ID that was given to us then,is not recognise now. this happened at the resault of, when the nigerian police force requested for such ID when presenting ‘it was then rejected that we should re-enrol for a new ID. My question is, did this has expiry date? Thanks i be please when the answer is given.

  42. Ani Moses Obinna

    Please help me out on the registration process, the page is giving me some challenges. Thank you.

    1. Ani,
      What challenges are you having?

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