Multichoice Nigeria: DSTV Plans, Channels and Decoder Prices

DSTV Nigeria, the satellite cable TV service of Multichoice, is reputed to offer the widest range of choice channels for direct-to-home pay TV in Nigeria or Africa.

With 5 unique bouquets and two types of decoders to choose from, subscribers can be quite in a world of their own with DSTV.  DSTV Bouquets and their respective channels plus the decoders are presented below.  The prices are also indicated.

DSTV Bouquets

DSTV Access (N1,800/month)

This is the entry level bouquet for DSTV.  It offers more than 45 channels.

Channels in the DSTV Access Bouquet are Telemundo, E! Entertainment, Blackbelt TV, CBS Reality,  BET, M-Net Movies, MGM, AfricaMagic World, Africa Magic Hausa, Africa Magic Yoruba, Maisha Magic Swahili, Style, Fashion TV, Nat Geo wild, Channel ED, Vox Africa, Spice TV, SuperSport blitz, Super SportSelect 1, SuperSport Select 2, e.TV Africa, NTA+, Silverbird, AIT, Channels, MiTV, Lagos TV, K24, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Junior, JimJam, Mindset, HIP TV, TRACE Urban, Soundcity, One Gospel, PRTV Test Channel, FAITH, Rhema TV, DAYSTAR, Kingdom Africa, Islam Channel, al Jazeera, CCTV News, CNBC Africa, Bloomberg, ND TV247, CNC World, RAI Italia, TV5 Monde Afrique, CCTV 4, CCTV 9, CCTV F, CCTV Entertainment, China Movies Channel, Shanghai Dragon TV, Hunan TV, Jiangsu TV, Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment, RTP International, Euro News Portugues, TV Mundial, TV Brasil

DSTV Family (N3,600 per month)

This is a bouquet that is packaged with every member of the family in mind.  It has over 55 TV channels plus all the 24 DSTV audio channels.

TV channels in the DSTV Family bouquet include all the DSTV Access channels.  Additional channels in the package are CBS Drama, Africa Magic Family, Supersport 9, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Nick TOONS, Mindset, Channel O, MTV ROA, B4U Music, CNN International,  CNBC Africa,

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Audio channels in the package include BBC (3 channels), Voice of America (VOA), RAI radio, Ray power FM, Star FM.

DSTV Compact (N6,000 per month)

This bouquet has over 60 channels.  The channels include all of the Access and Family channels and more.  It also has all of the DSTV audio channels

Additional channels in the DSTV Compact Bouquet are M-Net Movies Action Africa, Studio Universal, Universal Channel, BBC Entertainment, SONY, SONY MAX, True Movie, AfricaMagic Epic Movies, Maisha Magic, Ebony Life, Discovery ID, TLC Entertainment, Food Network, National Geographic, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Afro Music Pop, China Movies channel, shanghai Dragon TV, Hunan TV, Jiangsu TV, Phoenix Chinese News and entertainment, TV Mundial, and BBC World News.

New Channels Added to the Compact Bouquet (February 2016): AfricaMagic Igbo, AfricaMagic Urban, BBC Brit, CBeebies, Eva, M-City, Zee World while added sports channels inclusive of the newly added are SuperSport 7 Nigeria, SuperSport Select Sports, SuperSport Select 2, SuperSport 11 (HD/SD), SuperSport 9, SuperSport Blitz, (DStv Channel 231) and SuperSport 12 (DStv Channel 232). Both SuperSport 11 and SuperSport 12 will be dedicated to showcasing the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga and Euro 2016.

DSTV Compact Plus (N9,420 per month)

More sport channels are added to the DSTV Compact channels to make the DSTV Compact Plus Bouquet.  This is to afford sports lovers the opportunity to watch premium sports without paying for the premium DSTV Bouquet.

The the new channels added to the compact bouquet are: AfricaMagic Igbo, AfricaMagic Urban, BBC Brit, CBeebies, Eva, M-City and Zee World

New Channels Added to the Compact Plus Bouquet (February 2016): SuperSport 7 Nigeria, SuperSport 3 Africa, SuperSport 10, SuperSport 11 (DStv Channel 231) and SuperSport 12 (DStv Channel 232). Both SuperSport 11 and SuperSport 12 will be dedicated to showcasing the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga and Euro 2016.

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DSTV Premium (N13,980/month)

This is the most superior of the DSTV bouquets.  It has all of the channels in the Access, Family, Compact, Compact Plus and more.  A total of 100 channels are present in this bouquet to offer subscribers the widest choice in on-screen entertainment in Africa.

Additional channels for the DSTV Premium bouquet are M-Net West, M-Net Movies Premiere Africa, M-Net Movies Comedy Africa, M-Net Movies family Africa, M-Net Movies+ Africa, M-Net Movies romance Africa, M-Net Movies Showcase Africa, M-Net Movies Action Africa, M-Net Movies Stars, M-Net Edge Africa, Vuzu Amp Africa, Comedy Central, FOX, MTV, Lifetime, Turner Classic Movies, BBC Lifestyle, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, BBC Knowledge, History, TRACE Sport Stars, SuperSport HD3 Nigeria, Supersport 4, SuperSport HD 6A, Supersport 6, Supersport 5 Nigeria, Cbeebies, Nick Jr and Sky News.

DSTV Decoders

  • DSTV Zapper HD Decoder – Launched November 2014, the DSTV HD Decoder is replacing the existing Standard DSTV Decoder. Cost is N12,500 or a free swap till 30 November 2014 for subscribers who have old decoders and are active from 1 August to 15 September 2014.
  • DSTV Explora – Features HD, instant replay, ultra slo-mo & rewind, up to 220 hours of recording space, and pause live TV of up to 2 hours. Cost is N30,000.
  • Note: The costs include dish and remote control.

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  1. james F.

    can i subscribe the family bouquet on dstv explora?

    1. Yes you can

  2. james F.

    When will DSTV start pap-per-view in Nigeria? That is the best bouquet in a country like ours.

  3. Badejoko

    Vic, good day. Pls may I know d least subscription I can do on a DSTV Explorer?

  4. Neon

    please are the prices still same as at now

  5. Charles

    For someone using dstv as a new customer and intending to be on the premium bouquet,must the person pay for subscription or it’s after a month? Pls reply

  6. I would like to know the price of the premium subscription on the dstv explora. I was informed there is an acccess fee of 2160 in addition to the usual subscription. Please could you clarify.

  7. Kole baba

    Pls,how much is the Total Package of Dstv?. Secondly,can I upgrade my Dstv access to premium

  8. ugbehie raphael

    I tried renewing my subscription but I imputed a wrong iuc number.can it be reversed. 42736962432

    1. Yes, contact dstv via the phone number

  9. anita segbor

    Hi..I bought the explora from one of your outlets in alaba 4 months ago for 30, 000 but I was only given the decoder and remote control . I just read here that its supposed to come with the dish which I wasnt given. Im about to go back to the dstv office where I got my explora from and demand for the dish that wasnt included because I was told by a technician this morning that my old dish is bad and i need to buy a new one.
    My question is..were all dstv outlets aware that the dish, explora and control are to be sold for 30, 000?

  10. Hello, pls can I subscribe for dstv access(N1800) on Explorer?

  11. Chrisantos

    Hello Vic, Want to know if Dstv LNB can be changed or replaced when needed and for how much can I buy it if I need one.

  12. Chrisantos

    Want to know if Dstv LNB can be changed or replaced when needed and for how much can I buy it if I need one.

  13. Marcel

    Honestly, dstv is really swindling nigerians with their exorbitant prices. Of a truth, the premium bouquet of 13980 naira is not suppose to be more 4000 naira at most.the government of this country can’t do anything about it because they have been bribed to fence off any competiting company to establish in Nigeria.I could remember when we had only Mtn network in Nigeria that mtn openly stole from the masses by selling their line for 50,000 naira and above but when competition came from other companies, lines were sold for 100 naira and now lines are even free.let’s call evil evil.let dstv slash their highest bouquet ie premium bouquet to 3500 to 4000 or let them leave this country and they should stop bribing the government not to allow other companies who will offer us a cheaper price to come in.I bet all Nigerians that if other competitive companies should come into Nigeria, digital subscriptions for all bouquets won’t be more than 2000,just like what mtn did to us when they came into Nigeria initially by selling their line to us for 50,000 and above which later came down to 100.I rest my case

    1. God will bless you guy I also share you view that bribe that will take them out like Halliboten

  14. Odeyemi Olajide

    Please, can you tell the monthly subscription for dual view?

  15. Tony

    Why do I have to pay for access fee for an explora when I don’t use the PVR facilities after paying so much for the decoder?

  16. Oluseye

    Vic, I have a walka 7 which I linked to a premium subscriber as secondary user, I usually pay 990 on it but I was told abt 3months ago that I can’t pay differently and that I need to always pay alongside with the premium acct. Pls help me on this

  17. Temitope Michael

    Nice deal. DSTV is the best. Kindly, I will like to o DSTV business, by marketing and selling to my neighbourhood. Please contact me as I have this great plan of becoming part of this reputable family. Thanks…

  18. Augustine Sowunmi

    i paid for dstv premium early thi morning though it expire today how do i get myself reconnected. thanks

  19. Don Effect

    Can I get championships and other league in compact bouquets?

  20. Tobi

    is cartoon network part of the channels of the smallest subscription package for dstv? because it was in it in the article and also in the additional channels in the family package. really confusing.

    1. Tobi,
      Yes it is

  21. Steve O

    Good Day Sir, I would appreciate it if your DSTV Company would consider a PAY AS YOU GO SYSTEM OF TARIFF instead of this your monthly subscription because we pay so much for just watching TV yet there is no light, or you may optionally extend your period of validity of each Subscription say; each subscription should last for like 3 months or so. KINDLY CONSIDER OUR NIGERIA’S ECONOMIC FACTOR.

  22. alice

    dear vic, at one point you say the explora is N60,000 and at another you say it is N30,000, please which is it because i want to purchase one and i don’t want to be duped.

    thank you.

    1. Alice,
      The new price for the DSTV Explora is N30,000

  23. Aderonke Zakirah Adegoke

    I noticed that films are been repeated every month on all African Magic Stations and even on M-net Action and other stations like that. Am beginning to lose interest because am not getting the value for what I paid for any longer. Please do something about it. Becz it becoming boring repeating films every time. Thank you.

  24. bukky

    Please vic I am stranded in my apartment and I really need to get in touch one of the abeokuta branches. Immediately. The ewang branch up the nnpc Road please.

  25. Godwin

    What is the reason for removing One Gospel channel 331 from Nigeria?

  26. olaitan

    please i would like to know if supersport 7 and true movies are on compact bonquet. Thank you

  27. Gray

    Please i would like to know if the DSTV compact plus plan shows ALL WEEKEND EPL matches?

    1. Gray,
      Yes DSTV has included all EPL matches in the compact and compact plus bouquet. 🙂

  28. Aries

    Hello Vic, recently i listened to a dstv representative on brila FM say that dstv is sold for #12,500 with free dish,cable n a month subscription. Pls,confirm n which of ur office can i buy it.

    1. Aries,
      You can purchase DSTV in any of the offices around you.

  29. Nura

    Can i get only the dstv decoder with out the dish,how much is the decoder only?

  30. Nura

    Can i get only the dstv decoder with out the dish

    1. Nura,
      Yes you can if you already purchased the full package previously or your decoder is bad.
      Walk into any DSTV office around you as the price cannot be confirmed presently.

  31. Anonymous

    I noticed from trend of previous messages that vic is selective of the question he answers probably because of the negative publicity which he can’t deny. It’s alright tho, but ive learnt something about this naija.. and that is the fact that when a foreign company is ripping of Nigerian consumers, fellow Nigerians are always involved either by supporting their cause or giving them information to thrive in such an unjust cause. On the other hand, Nigerians find it really hard to unanimously boycott things like this irrespective of the fact that they would still complain in their closets. When they complain, they still don’t have the mind to see it through by using other service providers. It’s really unfortunate. If actually the consumer protection parastatal was concerned about courses like this, they should have fought tooth and nail to prevent this monopoly but make it competitive by bringing other service providers that can offer better srevives at a more competitive price… that’s the only solution.
    I rest my case!

    1. ebere

      YOU are so right

  32. Wale

    Pls, wot is the minimum bouquet I can subscribe on DSTV explora. Thanks

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