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LG is a leading electronics company in Nigeria. Brands made by this company are of top quality. The company has offices in several countries of the world where it sells top quality electronics products to its teeming customers. LG is undoubtedly a sign of top quality and their products are known to last long.


LG warehouse is located at Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria. The warehouse serves as main store for all their products being sold in Nigeria. The company sells various electrical appliances and electronics, like DVD, TV, vacuum cleaner, microwave, oven, washing machine, fridges, air conditioner and the likes.

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LG products are not only limited to home appliances, the company equally sells various models of mobile phones and its mobile phones are known to last long with high durability. Its warehouse is located at 11 to 13, Warehouse Road, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria. Company telephone numbers are 012716520 and 017917397. Their website is at www.lg.com/africa.

LG Nigeria has up to 2 branches in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. These braches serve as extensions of its warehouse. They sell both wholesale and retail at these branches. Aside the branches located at Ikeja, the company equally has a branch at Akure North in Ondo State as well as in Aba South in Abia State, Nigeria.

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Reliability and durability are few of the features that describe products being sold by LG.  These products are also designed in the most beautiful manner, making them very important part of your home décor.  They sell both OLED and LED TVs.  Smartphone being sold by LG also fit perfectly for all needs.

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