Insider Secrets to Landing a Juicy Job in Oil Companies, Multinationals and Other High Paying Firms Here in Nigeria

At last, here’s an all-in-one e-book that guides you through every aspect of the job search process, from writing CVs and cover letters to performing excellently in aptitude tests, acing interviews and ultimately landing your dream job.

Many other books on the subject talk high theory, speak too much “big grammar”, and will bore you to tears. But How to Get Your Dream Job in Nigeria makes a pleasant difference, and here’s why:

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The E-book arms you with the authority and confidence of knowing What to do, When to do it, Why to do it, and ultimately How to do it in a way that so impresses hiring managers and makes you stand out from the crowd.

This e-book is a rare revelation that you must have in your smartphones, tablet or PC before you venture out for that next application pitching, aptitude test, or interview. You’ll be doing yourself a world of good.

The tips in the E-book were “leaked” by:

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This e-book will teach you:

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The e-book is awesome! I’m just on the 12th page and I’m already seeing how invaluable the book is.
Flipping through the pages, I was dazed. It is an excellent work. The book is rich in local examples, a breakaway from theories that have dominated such efforts in the past. The author fully demonstrated knowledge of the Nigerian job market. And he did his homework well! How to Get Your Dream Job in Nigeria is indeed a material I will recommend to students, jobseekers and even those with jobs already.

[SURAJ OYEWALE (JARUS), — Founder,, Nigeria’s most influential career portal.]

Hundreds of job openings spring up in Nigeria daily, yet many job seekers can’t get them because they are unemployable. If you’re one of those people, or you hate to join them soon, “How to Get Your Dream Job in Nigeria” by Abass Toriola is the hands-on guide you need. It will tell you, in exact terms, what to do and what to shun, to stand out from the crowd.

[Muhammmed Tosin Abdullahi, CEO,]

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