Kylie Jenner Squashes Tyga’s Debt Rumor


Kylie Jenner has quashed the rumour that ex boyfriend Tyga borrowed more than $2million from her.

On Friday , Kylie replied to a fan who said they read the reports about her and Tyga on tweeter saying :

Just read that @Tyga finessed @KylieJenner out of 2 mill. Hahahaha. #Finnessed,” they wrote.

Kylie replied: “Lies, lies, lies.”

Radar Online claimed that Tyga owed Kylie that amount and her mother Kris Jenner was insanely angry about it.

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A source was believed to have told the site:

Kylie had been bankrolling Tyga for well over a year and she’s finding herself short on cash as a result.

They also claimed Kylie had asked her ex to pay up following their break up.

“He was shocked when she asked to be paid, telling her he thought the money was a gift, not a loan,” the insider added, even claiming he owes “over $2million”.

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Momager Kris “hit the roof”, the site claimed.

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