HSE Training in Nigeria: How to Enroll

HSE training in Nigeria is closely related to the NEBOSH training in the niche of occupational safety and health. HSE is short for Health and Safety at work Environments. HSE provides an authoritarian framework for workplace health and safety. This is particularly helpful in industries that pose a lot of risks like the construction industry, Oil and Gas and nuclear industries.

HSE is intended to make work environments the safest they can be consequently preventing thousands of avoidable mishaps and in turn, reducing the financial implications of law suits and safety failure on companies. Companies are therefore very concerned with being HSE compliant because it benefits them more- than anybody- to have safe working environments.

For this reason, health and safety trainings are usually organized for all the staff in a company to introduce them to these HSE regulations.

What can HSE training do for you?

The health and safety training is viewed as the responsibility of the employer in most places but this training is important to employers and employees as well. If not for anything, the HSE training will help you work safely. If you work in any risky environment — by risky I mean if your job poses any kind of danger to your health; which I guess it does because even programmers and writers whose jobs are sedentary are at risk to cause damage to their eyes and manly regions — you need some HSE knowledge to safeguard yourself.

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For the employer, it is pretty clear that healthy and safe employees translates to more human resources to mine and this translates to getting more done. Therefore, HSE training is nearly a necessity to all and sundry, even writers and programmers (Winks).

How can you enroll for HSE Training in Nigeria?

  1. The first step towards enrolling for HSE training is to determine if you are getting the training for yourself or for your employees as an employer. After that, the process begins with locating a place where you can get the HSE training.

It may be important to note that HSE training is considered of a less standard than the NEBOSH training probably because a NEBOSH certificate is more recognized worldwide. Some of the places where one can obtain this HSE training in Nigeria are:

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Name Website Email Telephone
INSTITUTE OF SAFETY PROFESSIONALS, NIGERIAN http://www.isponnigeria.org/ info@isponnigeria.org 0805399 9616


http://hybrid-hse.com/ info@hybrid-hse.com 0803 656 3114


http://www.lonadek.com contact@lonadek.com 0813 911 2519
Novelle Center Limited http://www.novellecenter.com/ info@novellecenter.com 08063450509
Oil Train and Human resources http://www.oiltrain.org/hsetraining.html info@oiltrain.org 08139377520


You can contact them and talk about anything that may interest you.

Price and Other Information

HSE trainings are in 3 modules:  HSE Level 1 (Workplace Safety), HSE Level 2 (Risk Assessment) and HSE Level 3 (Environmental Mgt). If you are a graduate, you are more likely to start at the HSE Level 2.

For each of these levels, the price is somewhere between N 10,000 and N 15,000 depending on your location.

Get HSE training and work safely and don’t forget to share this article on social network. Someone in your circle of friends may need it!

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