How to Get ISBN Number in Nigeria

Have you just written a book and would like to sell it internationally?

I’m sure it would be nice to have your book displayed in bookstores all over the world as well as online without any hassles.

But to do this, you must have the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for your book.

This is to authenticate the ownership of your book and to tag it as unique.

It comprises of 13 numeric digits of a Standard Book Numbering code. Where

  • The first 3 digits represents International code
  • Next 3 digits is the country identifier
  • Next 3 digits is the publisher identifier
  • Next 3 digits is the title identifier and
  • last digit is the check digit (for automatic check for correctness by computers)
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Let us take a look at how to get your ISBN number in Nigeria.

The first step is to pay a visit to any ISBN office. The office is located in the National Library (in Abuja or Lagos) of Nigeria and is charged with the issuance of ISBN.

You will need to submit the following:

  1. A completed form to apply for ISBN.
  2. An ISBN application letter to accompany the form, and should be written on your company’s letter headed paper
  3. A photocopy of your certificate of incorporation that was issued to you via Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
  4. A printed copy of the manuscript of the book for which you seek to obtain an ISBN for.
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At the point of submission, you will also be required to pay a registration fee to commence the processing and within a short period your number will be issued to you.

Sometimes, you might not have all the necessary requirements when you get the application form. You are allowed to leave with the form, but you must submit all the required documents along with the completed form within two weeks of obtaining the form.

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