How To Clear Error Codes on GOtv

While your GOtv decoder is on and your subscription is active you can clear the Gotv errors with a simple text message.

Using the phone number you used in purchasing your GOtv package, all you have to do is send a message to 4688 in the format written below.


RESET IUC NUMBER as a message to 4688

for example: RESET 2003029600 to 4688 (where 2003029600 is your IUC Number)

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Your IUC Number can be found on the red label under your GOtv decoder.

Another easier method is to go to, select your country and click on the “clear error code” link as shown in the image below. After that you would be asked to login, then select the exact error you see on your screen and click on the clear button.

The error should be cleared immediately.

Clear error


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  1. Adah Joseph

    pls clear E16 error code.. my iuc is 4622679378

  2. Emmanuel

    please help me to activate my gotv decoder this my icu no 2017516862

  3. Emmanuel

    please help me to activate my decoder this my iuc no 2017516862

  4. Emmanuel

    please help me to activate my decoder this may icu no 2017516862

  5. niyi dada

    help me clear my gotv error code Nigeria iuc decorder is always slow when I on it very delay.

  6. omotayo Oyefabi

    Please gotv help me clear E16 on my decoder IUC number is 2016053464

  7. onoka

    I payed with payu online and it has bee confirmed,not reflecting in my account,my gotv is showing e16 error,please help me out, 4622660383

  8. favour mbanus

    How do I clear E16 and E32

  9. favour mbanus

    I subscribe my Gotv today but is showing E16 and E32 pls help me

  10. Ajayi bamidele

    My Gotv didn’t show after have pay over 4 hours my iuc 4622589777 not show yet please help me

  11. Olushola Olapade

    Help me remove Error E16 fro my Gotv

  12. jennifer nkem egesi

    I subscribe my gotv and its not coming up,I tried calling one of d dealers or customer care to help out instead he was just shouting at me.I wasn’t really happy about it its not fair at all

  13. Emmanuel

    Pls help me to clear E16 on my gotv IUC 2019487014

  14. Adekunle

    Kindly help to clear my E16 error code, my iuc number 2015697708

  15. Isuhun Diyla Paki

    Hello Help Me To Clearing My Gotv Decorder

  16. Yusuf Yusha'u Paki

    Hello Please How To Reset My Gotv Error

  17. oyebamiji segun

    Please help me to activate my gotv, my iuc no 4613988022.

  18. thaddeus

    i subscribe for one month but i was charged seven thousand seven hundred naira #7700 today October 1 2016

  19. Offiah perpetua

    Pls i want to reset bt i have lost d number i use in registering it, my iuc is 2019390337

  20. bola muibi

    i mr Bola Muibi with GO TV IUC No 2014358928 made payment for

    my GOTV Re activate since saturday morning via my FIRST MOBILE and is yet to be re set up till now sunday night

    All efforts to do this failed . i have sent various texts through
    my mobile phone . Nothing
    08022901187. This is very frustrating .bad customer service

  21. fideli cibeth chukwuemeka

    Kindly help to clear my e16 error code, my iuc number is 2019272211

  22. olumide

    just feed up with error code E16 or what is called. just keep persisting. IUC is 2020682793 pls any further help cos am tired.

  23. Hammed kazeem

    I subsribe since saturday any channel is not showing up till now are they using gotv for fraud d shop is @ agbede ikorodu Lagos

  24. Hassan

    pls help clear my error code my uc number is 2022030189 some chanel is missing and need chanel 2 and 25 nw if can asst me pls

  25. Godwin salihu

    So, how can i unlock my signal information Quality locked , please.

  26. Godwin salihu

    I have been using my decoder since jan 2016 and presently is always showing me ” first time installation press ok to continue” at the end of the whole processes it will show me no service press ok to see signa status. Please , what should i do?

    1. Godwin,
      Make sure the cable connecting your gotv decoder to the antenna us properly connected.
      Point your antenna towards the east(where the sun rises)
      After scanning and still no station is found then the issue might be from gotv’s transmitter.
      You can verify with your neighbors to be sure it’s not just you that’s affected.
      And if it a general issue you would need to contact gotv.

    2. Godwin salihu

      My signal information s
      Quality status is locked please

  27. juliet abba

    I am tried of sending dis error code pl help me resolve it ones I can’t be wasting my money E48-32 my iuc number is 2028542482

  28. chinyere maureen eziagulu

    I just recharge my gotv today morning and is not showing anything accept the channel 1,my iuc no is 20052001100 pls what can I do now

  29. Mark

    I have paid my GOTV subscription for more than four days now but still yet to be activated my GOTV code 2020771026


    i just bought gotv decoder with a one month free trying to activate it myself and clear the error E48-32 searching for signal.i have sent RESET iuc:4613682885 but yet still cant b me and clear d error please!for enjoyment and recommendations.

  31. ignera

    Please how do I solve this? i recharged yesterday and its showing E48-32 searching for signal. IUC 4613728062

  32. Adelowokan

    I had contacted Gotv call centre but yet to clear the E16 error. my IUC no 4622331836. pls help me out, thanks.

  33. Adelowokan

    hello sir. I had paid my subscription for Gotv more than 5 days but yet to be activated. what can I do?

  34. AWACHIE Boniface

    Clear my E 16 error message. I’ve paid. My IUC No. is 4613859846

  35. Adeniran Adedeji

    please clear my error code E16 or E32 my iuc number is 2017211351

  36. Agunbiade Sunday

    Kindly help me clear the E48-32 on my decoder. My IUC# 4601880954

    1. Agunbiade Sunday

      Clear the errors on my decoder now.plsss E48-32

  37. Mesembe Jemimah

    Please kindly help me clear error code E 48-32. IUC number is:4613189520. Since 8 May 2016.Thanks

  38. okoro hope

    Pls I subscribed on Friday night’but along d line nepa took light::the sub went but since then is showing me E16_services is currently scrambled::pls my IUC No is 2020978825

    1. Kindly follow the instructions written to Clear the error code on your decoder.

  39. abiola

    pls me E48-32 searching
    signal 2019422880

  40. Alex Oke

    Error code E48-32 for the past 2 days. Please help clear. IUC nos: 2018686645

  41. mrnwosumarkanthony

    Pls clear error E48-E32 I jave just pay in abi na subscribed yesterday

  42. Taofeek Gbadamosi

    kindly help to clear error code. E48-32 searching for signal. my IUC 2022205536.

  43. Odole Beatrice

    Please clear E48-32 my IUC no is 2005104997

  44. Odole Beatrice

    Please help me clear error E48-32 old help me because I don’t enjoy my money at all. If it works for 2 or 3 days another error will come up. Hardly any I get 2 weeks view in a month after paying my subscription. My IUC no is 2005104997

  45. adewumi

    pls help me clear my decoder error, my IUC


  46. mr shanu

    I just. Bought this Go TV decoderand office I bought it said they av activated it but. It keep showing E017-0 pls help clear my iuc no is 4601893664

  47. Ogunseitan Elizabeth

    Pls,help me clear error code E16
    My IUC number is 2020688412

  48. Adeyemi Adesola

    After payment, I have been battling with error 48-32. Please troubleshooting procedures should be done. My iuc is 2022360667. My name is Adeyemi Adesola and my contact number is 08060606473. Readily ready to supply other information on request.

  49. Adebayo Femi Akinjide

    Please free me from E17-0 ive been unable to enjoying my gotv since I’ve bought it going to two weeks now

  50. mosestunde

    pls help me to clear error E16-E32 IUC number 2022119432

  51. Leme kingsley

    you guys should pls clear up my e16 error code,i”m not yet expired. 4613245992 thanks

  52. Leme kingsley

    you guys should pls clear up my e16 error code,i”m not yet expired. thanks

  53. Remilekun Ojumu

    after recharging online as usual,till this very moment I’m still seeing the E16 error message. I’m not happy at all. 2017665367


    you guys should please clear my E-16 error code. I paid today,I am yet to be connected. IUC is 4613199478. Thanks

  55. Ogbonna Chuka

    How do I clear error E16 or E32

  56. sunday oghre

    my gotvdecoder is showing E016 -0

  57. faniwa

    I just load via my atm ..I have recieved confirmation from gotv that I have paid but seen monday I can’t activate my decoder…my iuc number is 4613606757….tanks.

  58. murphy tunde

    My IUC number is 2017011590 code error am tired over two weeks now I view anything only nta

  59. murphy tunde

    Fix my gotv have subscribe since two weeks now E16 error code till he expired before u people would find a solution to it right

  60. osanebi lucky

    pls activate my Gotv for me.IUC No 4613164980

  61. Mary

    I am tired of repeating one thing since yesterday my error code has not been cleared am not enjoying the services I paid for 849 Kenya shillings through mpesa.what do I do???my IUC number is 2018556554

  62. valery

    I really tired of using gotv,since I subscribe my gotv now is going to 3weeks now and my subscription we soon expired but I have not watch the stations one day,after paying 1900!e16 is showing everywhere why all this problems now!2016937674

  63. Mz Gazelle

    I’ve been trying to clear error code 16 all ds while but its still dere.pls help.IUCnumber-4613604476

  64. omolere johnson

    My Gotv is showing an error code E16 my iuc is 4601689959

  65. Oludare Abimbola

    Hi. Pls I subscribed for my decoder yesterday 29th of January through FirstBank internet banking and up till now it has not yet activated and the platform had already charged me for #1900. What should I do pls? my IUC nos is 2022183241. thank u

  66. Citadel

    my Gotv is showing error code.I just load yesterday. my iuc is 2021811106

  67. Kamson

    Pls i want the clarification of my decoder which IUC is 2003676285

  68. Ibukunoluwa


  69. Adebayo Ademola

    Abeg fix mine too error code E16 and just subscribe dis evening around 6 pm till nao still having the error msg IUC 4613107742

  70. trpple EPH

    Pls o help me to clear the error code on my decoder with IUC No. 2021899482

  71. trpple EPH

    Pls o,hav recharged but d decoder is showing ur account has been scrabbled with E16 error hav tried clearing with is that easy method but still d same. Before my money will expire u people will call to inform me now that am not watching it u guys don’t know, u are not evening calling to ask what is wrong.

  72. Esther James

    Pls help reset my Gotv Iuc 4613851634 I’ve been trying and it’s not working

  73. Akpala Jennifer

    I recharged but is not activated

  74. Peacemaker

    Please reset my gotv,my subscription is active but Error 16-0 is what i keep seeing after subscribing. IUC no- 2004497450:thanx

  75. Nuberu Yewande

    Have tried so many times to clear the error code! Have used both the ussd code and the online reset… Still wont clear! Have subscribed for the past 5days and unable to enjoy my subscribtion! This makes me feel bad. My IUC is 2021759802
    Please help! Thanks

    1. prince adeola

      error code e16 has bn on my screen since I subscribe I check online my account show N600 having subscribe N1200

    2. prince adeola

      error code e16 has bn on my screen since I subscribe I check online my account show N600 having subscribe N1200. pls help m to clear this error



    1. Rita

      After recharging a day before online as usual ,its still made us send reset cos it was not showing and yet it’s saying your subscription is currently scrambled. Getting fed up sef , cos it freezes nearly every day when it was showing before it expired.

  77. Tunsman

    Kindly help cleared E017-0 alarm on my decoder. IUC nos 2005155225

    1. ajayi modupe

      Self service is not effective at all. I pd but I was cut and I was still cut off. I did reset more Dan 10 times, error message did not clear. Not satisfied at all

  78. Akeem

    Let me say the true am tired using Gotv decoder,just bcos every day I spent upto N300 for clearing Error EO17-O.N10 each on my phone every time I on my Gotv decoder

    1. Then you should the alternative method which is doing it online. You don’t pay for that all you need is internet enabled phone

  79. Tobi

    My decoder is showing ‘no services found’. No station is displaying at all. Automatic scanning is unsuccessful. How do I reset this? IUC number is 2016083398

  80. Dele

    Gotv has so many errors. Some of them are:
    gotv error e016
    gotv error message
    gotv error 48-32
    gotv error script failed
    gotv error e66-32
    gotv error e017-0
    gotv error e48-32

    1. You are certainly right about those errors Dele

    2. Everisto chileshe


    3. Pls how do I clear error code E48-32?

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