Hospital Sues 121 Corpses to Court

No one is free from the long arm of the law, not even the dead. This was proved in Bayelsa state as the authorities of the Federal Medial Center in Yenagoa sued the dead bodies (corpses) in its morgue to court. The corpses numbering up to 121 found themselves in prison for an offence that is not entirely their fault: they are deemed to have overstayed their welcome in the hospital’s morgue.

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The hospital management claimed that these 121 corpses have been lying in the hospital’s morgue for so long and that no one had come to claim them. The unclaimed corpses are occupying very precious space in the morgue, preventing fresh corpses that arrive at the morgue on daily basis from finding a place of temporary rest provided by the morgue.

The hospital management pleaded with the court to allow the carry out mass burial of these corpses. The judge had no choice than to grant their request.

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