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Nigeria Gossip Apps: App: How to Download & Use

Do you love to be entertained to the fullest? Then the Nigerian Gossip App is one app you must go for. It can be downloaded very easily on any mobile device of your choice. It gives you access to the latest gossip in Nigeria. Most of these gossips are about celebrities in Nigeria. The beautiful […]

Nigerian Movies App: How to Download & Use

With Nigerian Movies App, you will be able to easily access those highly beloved Nigerian movies you have been dying to watch.  Downloading gets easier and faster.  You will surely see the move app as one of the best innovations in the world if you are a diehard fan of Nigerian home videos. There is […]

5 Most Controversial Nigerian Celebrities

Below, you are going to learn about the 5 most controversial Nigerian celebrities of 2016. Maheeda She tops the list for very good reasons. She is a singer and mother of one and she has a fancy for appearing nude. Her husband is a Dutch and he does not seem to get bothered about his […]

Illuminati and Church of Satan: Are They for Real?

Some people believe that illuminati and church of Satan are real and some other people do not believe in such. Fact is that they are in existence on earth already and had been operating for some time. Most of the members are very rich and they are among those controlling the economy of the world. […]

TVC Nigeria App: How to Download & Use

 TVC is one of the best TV stations in Nigeria. In fact, they won that award for 2015 and there are indications that they may still hold on to the award in the future considering their groundbreaking performances in the entertainment and news broadcasting. TVC News is one of the best and TVC Entertainment too […]

Top 6 Radio Stations In Nigeria

In this write-up, you will learn about the top radio stations in Nigeria. It happens that all of them are FM radio stations. Not as if there are no other forms of radio stations in Nigeria, but if the truth must be told, the FM stations have taken over everything. BEAT FM 99.9 It is […]

Cheapest Hotels in Lagos Nigeria

Lagos is a commercial hub and lots of business minded people storm the mega city on daily basis.  Many of them do come from different towns and cities and some even come from outside the country for one business or the other in Lagos. These individuals may have to lodge in a hotel during the […]

Nigerian Actresses: 10 Most Successful

Acting is an integral part of Nigeria, just like football. Actresses, just like footballers, have become stars and celebrities of a sort. Actually, many Nigerian actors and actresses are not just restricted to Nigeria in popularity and influence; they are well known across Africa. Many of them also have global recognition. In this write-up, you […]

Nigerian Actors in Hollywood: 10 Most Successful Ones

Nigerians are blessed to say the fact. They are among the most beautiful, passionate, handsome and also among the most intelligent of all beings on earth.  Nigerians actors and actresses have taken over the movie industry in Nigeria and they have reduced the dominance and influence of foreign actors from the west. In times past, […]

Linda Ikeji: Net Worth, Assets & Investments

Linda Ikeja is a very popular blogger. She is very rich to say the fact. However, the extent of her wealth had been controversial, and debatable.  No one seems to be sure exactly how rich this top line blogger is. It looks like even Linda Ikeji cannot say specifically how much she is worth. She […]

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