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Tribes in Nigeria: The Full List

There are many tribes in Nigeria. You can check the list below for the tribes. Hausa Igbo Yoruba Abayon Abua Achipa Adim Adun Affade Afizere Afo Agbo Akaju-Ndem Akweya yachi Alago Amo Anaguta Anang Andoni Angas Ankwei Anyima Attakar Auyoka Awori Ayu Babur Bachama Bachere Bada Bade Bahumono Bakuluing Bali Bambora Bambuko Banada Banka Banso […]

Masters Course in Canada

Canada is a great place to study for Nigerians and other aspiring students from other parts of the world. Educational system in Canada is top class. The universities in Canada are among the best in the world. Both the undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered in Canada are top class and the certificates given are highly […]

American University of Nigeria School Fees

American university of Nigeria is one of the most expensive universities in Nigeria of today. The school is equally a foreign university; that is, they offer their students American style of education. In this write-up, you will get to learn about their school fees in the school.  They give admission twice in a year, namely […]

States and Capital in Nigeria

There are 36 states in Nigeria. The Federal capital territory is in number 37.  These 36 states are divided among the 3 regions in the country. As at 1960 to 1963, Nigeria was only divided into 3 regions, namely eastern region, western region and northern region.  From 1963 to 1967, there were 4 regions instead […]

Masters Courses in UNILAG: The Full List

University of Lagos is undoubtedly one of the best in Africa. In actual fact, the school is in the 6th position among the best universities in Africa. It has one of the most robust academic programs and the school had proved itself to be the best in various ramifications. So many great men and women […]

Masters Program in University Of Ibadan: All You Should Know

University of Ibadan is undoubtedly one of the best universities in Nigeria. All the programs offered at the school are of top quality. The educational standard is world class; this is not surprising anyway, considering the fact that the institution is the 4th best institution of higher learning in Africa. The institution has up to […]

Top 10 Best Universities in Africa

Africa is the original source of education. The very first known education institution in the world was in Egypt. Knowledge had migrated across the globe since the ancient times from Egypt to Rome to England and then to the United States of America. Despite this drift in educational supremacy, Africa still boasts of some of […]

Nigerian Law School Fees: Full Breakdown

The Nigerian law school fees tend to change from one session to the other. The information given below is concerned with the fees paid by the students of Nigerian Law School for the 2015/2016 session. The fees are analyzed below   Special Remedial School fees for Nigerian students is N250,000. Special Remedial Fees for Foreign […]

Study Abroad Consultants in Nigeria: The Top 10

Many more Nigerians and Nigerian employers are demanding for foreign degrees. Truth is education standard in many of those foreign countries is far better than what obtains in Nigeria. It may sound strange, but many top flight employers would prefer to employ someone with a foreign degree to someone with degree from a Nigerian university, […]

Online Study in Nigeria: All You Need To Know

As a Nigerian, you can apply for online degree program for personal improvement and to give yourself a better career opportunity. If you are the very busy type that cannot spare the time to attend the normal class, it is high time you went for online study. You can earn diploma and degree online without […]

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