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Nigerian Army Direct Short Service: How to Apply

The Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Course is open to all eligible Nigerians.  The beauty of it is that both civilians and military personnel can apply for the program. Both of them are placed on the same scale and they are taken through the same measure of screening, interview and examination before the applicants are […]

Nigerian Army Short Service: How to Apply & Get Shortlisted

The Nigerian Army Short Service Course is open to both civilians and army personnel. Only Nigerian army personnel are qualified to take the course. The individual to be given admission must be duly qualified. He/she will be taken through series of test and interviews. The applicants will also be thoroughly screened to make sure they […]

IELTS Centers in Nigeria

  IELTS is an examination to test your fluency and understanding of the English language.  More than a million candidates sit for the test on yearly basis. As at last year, up to 1.7 million candidates sat for the test.  More than 7,000 institutions are involved in the organization of the examination. As at present, […]

Masters Scholarship for Nigerian Students: Full List

In this write-up, you are going to learn about the various masters scholarships you can benefit from as a Nigerian. These scholarships are offered by both local and international scholarship bodies. University of Bath Masters Scholarship for International Students The scholarship is offered by university of bath for international students and Nigerians too are free […]

PhD Scholarships in Nigeria: The Full List

Many scholarship opportunities are available to Nigerians right here in Nigeria, who may want to study for PhD. If you prefer to study in Nigeria instated of traveling abroad for your master’s degree program, you will be informed here about a number of scholarship opportunities you can benefit from. Duration and conditions differ for each […]

Study Abroad Scholarships & Grants For Nigerian Students


In a modern world, every student should have the opportunity to study, and those from Nigeria are not an exception. Students from Nigeria should have the same opportunities as the students from countries like UK and USA to study what they want, use paper writing service, and secure good jobs in international companies in future. […]

PhD Scholarship in Canada: How to Register

Canada is a welcoming and homey country. It is the perfect place to settle down or visit for vacation. It is equally the haven for educational advancement at all levels. You will surely enjoy your stay in this country if you are going for undergraduate, masters or doctoral degree program in the country. The education […]

PG Diploma in Canada: How to Enroll

Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world. Its educational institutions are of top quality and the certificates offered are acceptable globally. If you desire to study for your PGD, Canada is one of the best places to consider.   You will never regret registering in any Canadian institution. You are sure […]

Islamic Education in Nigeria: How It All Began

Islam came into Nigeria in the 9th century and this was the time Islamic education began in the country. Islamic domination and Islamic education began in the Bornu Empire; that is, in the northern part of Nigeria; this was during the time of Mai Idris Alooma, who reigned till 1603. Aside Islamic schools, the king […]

Masters Scholarship in Germany: How to Benefit

Germany is one of the most advanced countries in Europe and the world. Additionally, the country provides some of the cheapest forms of education in the world.  Its international reputation is something worthy of note too. Many of the universities in Germany are world class universities and they provide some of the best educations, both […]

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