CTL Nigeria Bouquets and Decoder Prices

A lot of people haven’t heard of CTL Nigeria, and that’s understandable. But CTL Nigeria is not a new kid on the block when it comes to provision of Cable Television Services in Nigeria.


Communication Trends Limited (CTL) first started out in 1994. CTL started out strong and was quite popular at the time until they ran into some problems which took several years to solve.

Now, the company is back on its feet and is even better than it used to be. CTL has now come with wide coverage, cheap decoders and subscription packages as well as a large variety of entertainment and sports channels.


CTL has a very wide coverage with a presence in most major cities in Nigeria.  Some of the cities where you are sure to find CTL  coverage in Nigeria include Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Akwa Ibom, Benin, Bayelsa, Delta, Aba, Owerri, Lagos, Warri and several other cities.

Decoder and Installation

CTL decoder is really cheap compared to the costs of decoder for some other major Satellite Television services providers. You can get a CTL decoder for between N8, 000 and N10, 000. This cost also covers for the antenna which is very effective and gives clear and sharp signals.

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You can get the decoder from any of their dealers or you can call their customer support centre to find out the address of the closest dealer to you. Their contact details are;

Phone Number: +234 8104631617 or +234 8058736388.

Email address: info@trendtv.tv.

Although CTL is quite easy to install, the dealers and agents also offer installation services so you can get assistance for installation of your new CTL cable from them.


CTL subscription costs N2, 800 per month although when you pay for 3 months subscription at once, you would only have to pay N7, 000.


CTL is certainly a bargain. It offers about 56 solid channels across different genres. There are several sports channels, musical channels, religious channels, Fashion channels, Movie Channels, Children’s channels and basically everything you would need.

For just N2, 800 per month, you get the following channels Sound City, Channels TV, MBC Action, Natgeo Wild, NTA, Star movie, Nollywood, Bloomberg, Emerald, Mtv and Mtv base, CNN, Aljazeera, Bollywood, Emerald Tv, Fox and Fox movie, BET, CCTV News, Cartoon Network, Dubai one, AIT Sport, TBN, Makosa, City TV, Joy sport, series, France 24, dove vision, GH one and all popular sport channels.

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How to Subscribe

You don’t have to go through any stress at all to subscribe. Subscription is done through purchase of recharge pins which you can get from any of the dealer outlets.

When you scratch the card to reveal the pin, simply send the following text message from your mobile phone;

VCR {PIN} CA [Smart Card Number}

The number to send to is 32818.

You would immediately get a response saying that your voucher has been assigned to your smart card successfully

CTL Customer Service

If you have any enquiries or complaints, you can contact the CTL customer service centre on 08104631617 or 08058736388.

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  1. Ajangs

    I have used CTL for over 15 years is so saddened that i have to walk away from them. I cant watch football at home because the stations for premier league and champions league are scrambled. The customer services is not functional regardless of the day u calling. You should be the leader in this business setting the pace for others but its so unfortunate that i have to move to your competitors. I wish i wouldn’t sincerely except i can stay at home during football matches, i will have no choice.

  2. gentle

    Do they offer supper sports 3

  3. Charles

    I don’t know of other states,but CTL in Enugu is becoming irrelevant,such that before you know it,other cable networks will eclipse it,that is,if they have not done so. Right now,as I write, English Premiership matches are going on,but the only sports channel functional here is not showing any. Of what use is CTL to me now,or why must I continue to subscribe to a cable network that is no longer delivering on services. It is from one problem to another: if most channels are not off air,the few ones still alive are giving irrelevant programmes. I have been using CTL since 2000,right from Onitsha. The difficulties I am experiencing in Enugu,I never got in Onitsha.

  4. abuyak

    CTL HAVE NEVER IMPROVED, WHY SCRACHING CARDS BEFORE PAYMENT? PLS MAKE IT ONLINE FULLY LIKE OTHER TV. one has to look for and outlet to buy card before recharging, haba!. pls upgrade!!!

  5. Denco Ishiekwene

    am Denco Ishiekwene 4rm kwale Delta state, is CTL coverage working in kwale ?

  6. Yusuf Dawud Ebbo

    my antenna got spoil and up to now i have not getting good one. Any one i bought does not last up to now. pls help me out

  7. lizzy

    What is the website of ctl tv

  8. ohumeti

    Good day I stay in ugbolokoso are of warri delta state, can ctltv work there? and how much is your current price of

  9. Afolabi Abiola

    I want to know if CTL has gone fully digital and working uninterruptedly at Lugbe Abuja.

  10. Desmond

    Pls I was using the old ctl decoder while I was in school in Benin but I’m presently in Enugu,I stopped using it since 2007,thou hv changed d decoder to the new one and I want to start using it. I want to know if it will work cos I want to subscribe…

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