Credit Direct Limited is a non-bank finance company with its Head-Quarters in Lagos, Nigeria. It was established in 2007 and is focused on providing Payroll based Micro Consumer loans to validly employed civil servants in Nigeria with a view to expanding her target market to incorporate the private sector and then create footprints across Africa. The Company currently operates in 21 states in Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory – Abuja.

With a staff strength of over 1000 employees and an active customer base of over 150,000, CDL is positioning itself to become the dominant market leader in the unsecured micro-lending (payroll lending) space in Nigeria and indeed Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Company’s 24- hour unsecured emergency loan product is its flagship product and the core of the business representing more than 99% of its EBITDA. In 2011, it introduced its Asset based loans product which offers customers the opportunity to purchase house-hold items and also accommodate certain segments of the market which are averse to interest bearing loans.

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Global Credit Rating Company a renowned Credit Rating Company in 2012 gave the company a “stable outlook” rating.


Credit Direct Limited is a non-bank finance company that provides 24- hour unsecured emergency loan chaired by Ladi Balogun. The company is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Credit Direct Limited operates as a subsidiary of First City Monument Bank Limited.

Credit Direct Limited, in partnership with the National Youth Service Corps (through SAED), have created various financial packages aimed at aiding Corps Members to solve these recurring dilemma which they find themselves in. One of such programming is the Empowering the Corps (ETC) Programme which was developed to cater for the financial needs of the Youth Corps Members while in service, the struggles associated with settling into places of posting, the hassle with securing start-up capital for small businesses and enterprises, the difficulty in trying to obtaining trainings and certifications for career advancements which will give them competitive advantage in life after service and the harshness of unemployment after the 12 months compulsory service to our country Nigeria are the major objectives of the Credit Direct limited.

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Further, credit direct limited have been structured to help corp members achieve more.Corps Members can achieve Whatever they want during the course of their service year by ensuring that they have access to quick and affordable credit facilities through Credit Direct.

Corps Members will never be bogged down with paying back heavy loans as our packages are affordable and light to repay because they enjoy serviceable loan and are covered by micro-insurance in case of mishaps which may occur during the service year.

Corps Members can dutifully plan their future by obtaining financial aid to advance their careers or become entrepreneurs from a very early stage thus advancing their career.

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  1. Ukah Sylvester

    What are the procedure for getting loan and what’s the repayment like?

  2. Yeni

    Do Private schools have access to your loan. Need a phone number for a contact person in your Abuja office for further questions. Thank you.

  3. shefiu adekunle

    pls how can i get employment with creditdirect i have always b a fan of these lovely scheme since 2013.i have written the interview but not considered pls i will b glad if my request is granted

  4. Ruth

    What are the procedure to get the loan and how to pay back.

  5. Obafemi Abiola

    Can we have access to the ETC loan in Zamfara State?

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