Canadian (Canada) Visa Application Fees in Nigeria

If you’re applying for a Canadian visa in Nigeria, you will be required to pay a visa processing fee, which varies depending on the type of visa you’re applying for. Note that the only acceptable payment is in Naira.

Your payment must accompany your application. If you submit your application without attaching the correct processing fee, it will be rejected.

Here are the Canadian visa application fees as of February 6, 2014 (latest update).

  • Individual visa — CAN$100 (N15,600)
  • Family rate — CAN$500 (N78,000)
  • Study permit — CAN$150 (N23,400)
  • Work permit — CAN$155 (N24,200)
  • Biometric (individual) — CAN$85 (N13,200)
  • Biometric (family) — CAN$170 (N26,400)
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For each payment received from you, you will be issued a receipt, which you must keep as proof of payment. Note that visa processing fees are non-refundable regardless of whether your visa application is granted or declined.

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  1. Odia Caleb Ighodalo

    Good day,pls i want to apply for the Canada Visa but i have two kinds why can i go about it pls.

  2. brown

    pls how much is the cost of canada work visa and how do I process it

    1. musbau

      I want to verified about the visa Canada and I have made a require for few days ago and other to know how much is visa,obviously put me through into this information.

  3. vera

    How much is work permit from Nigeria?

  4. IBISO

    Its for me and family,not daily.

  5. Usman Mimi

    Good day sir. I will like to discuss with u via email. Kindly reach me on The email below. Thanks alot

  6. Benjamin

    What process can i go thru to apply for visa for myself and my wife and how much will it cost,Also what are the requirement too

  7. Renny

    I will like to know how much is canada visa for study and visiting

    1. IBISO

      Please,i need to know the visa fee for 2017,i need a student visa for me and daily because i am an intending student at Canada.How long will it take to process the visa,study permit and work permit.
      Kindly send me detailed information on all the visas and permits including biometric fees.

  8. chinonso

    am electrical engineer how much will it cost me to get work in Canada all the process 08160404434 am in Nigeria

  9. victor

    pls,if I want you guyz to process it for me to get d Canada student and working permit,how much it will cost me?tanks

  10. victor

    pls,my name victor.I want to find out.If I want to school at desame time work,which visa am I suppose to apply with nd how much is d visa fee?

  11. Funso

    Hello visit their web site on for better details and kindly tell me how you get the job you can copy me on Thanks a lot.

  12. ffaith

    please i want to relocate to Canada with my husband and 3 kids, please how much will it cost us. pls reply me:

  13. oluwabunmi

    please how Much is the overall fee if I want to live in Canada permanently?I just finished serving and my parents are willing to sponsor me

  14. olasunkanmi

    i need a comprehensive details about migration to canada has a family through visating or entry ,what best option can i use to get this done…what skilled is mostly needed in canada for instance am an eletrician by skills

  15. udeh chioma

    pls i want to study in canada and also work and become a citizen,pls aw ll i go about it and aw much will it cost

  16. udeh chioma

    pls am a student aw can i travel to canada,become a citizen and also work and study in canada,aw much will it cost pls reply me


      how much does it cost as a student who want to study in Canada, as Citizens and workers permit

  17. Christopher

    How much is Canadian study visa fee. Please need assistances

    1. Bola Agunbiade

      Canada study visa is about #35,000 while the biometrics fee is #15,000.

  18. Bolaji

    I want to migrate to Canada with tourist visa, kindly assist me with necessary information.

  19. Alabi Olusegun

    I want to relocate to Canada with my family. Pls kindly xplain d type of visa and d total cost.

    1. Bola Agunbiade

      There are several options you can access. Express entry for skilled workers is one of the most relevant if you have over 5 years of work experience.

      1. Rabiu Oluwadamilare

        Good morning sir, am trying to get a study permits visa in order to study in Canada have been sent an acceptance letter from the school I applied to.
        The next step is to apply for the study permits but I don’t really know much about it. and its becoming confusing.
        Kindly sende your contact or if there is any guide you can give me on the necessary steps to take

  20. prince

    please i want to know how much canada tourist visa is from nigeria

  21. Ms Augusta

    Please can you mail me a comprehensive detail of how much is the visa fee to Canada for a skilled workers, and documents needed. Normal or lottery type.

  22. Bola Agunbiade

    It depends on the visa type you are interested in. Please confirm.

  23. Seun

    how much is the overall processing fees to migrate to canada as federal skilled worker?? I don’t mind to have contact of anyone who hae the right answer.

    1. Bola Agunbiade

      If you send me your email address, I will send you a comprehensive information on the processing.

      1. Josh

        Good day..pls if u dont mind ild like to get comprehensive details on the process involved in getting a Canadian study visa and work permit much it would likely cost and the procedures involved.

      2. owolabi Adewale

        what is the overall amount needed for travelling from Nigeria to Canada?
        work and study

  24. Seun

    how much is the overall processing fees to migrate to canada as federal skilled worker??


    Am a married man with two kids. Please how can i get visa to leave in canada with my family. Either through lottery or normal way of getting visa. And how much will it cost me if i want to get in normal way apart from lottery.

    1. Bola Agunbiade

      There are two options. Either with student visa or Express entry if you have about 10 years of relevant work experience.

  26. Ernest

    Am really keen and interested in your Canada visa… So a breakdown on payments and packages would do. Thank you

    1. Bola Agunbiade

      It depends on the type of visa you require. Is it tourist, student or Express entry?

  27. mosun

    How much is the new visa fees to Canada in 2016,both family individual and student

    1. Bola Agunbiade

      Please confirm if this is a tourist visa or student visa?

  28. obed

    How much is visa to Canada, or how much is visa to Canada price

  29. damilare

    i want to apply on working in canada and how many years & months will the working permit last and how much will it cost me

  30. owen

    How to make payment for visa fee from nigeria


      You make payment at the VFS center where you submit your application. Cash payments are accepted.

    2. Obafemi

      @ VFS

  31. Olaide Hamzat

    Where can we make payment for visa fee as?
    Can we pay through bank before the submission day?
    Are we paying in bank draft or how?


      Payments are made in cash at the VFS centers

  32. Laide Ogunbekun

    How much is the new visa fees to Canada in 2016, both family, student and individual

  33. Augustine

    How much does it take to treavel to canada with work permit from Nigeria?

  34. Frank christborn

    How much it cost to apply for canada visa and how can i become citizen of Canada

  35. mr saheed

    how much is canada visa fee?

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