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Cold Room Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Cold room business in Nigeria is one of the multi-billion naira, silent businesses. Right here from where I am sitting, I can count up to five multi-millionaires that I know made their money from cold room/ food preservation business. What does cold room business entail? It involves selling of pre-packaged and preserved food items in […]

10 Fast Moving Businesses in Nigeria

It’s another day, another business idea in Nigerian business industry and this is a very good thing because in the past, Nigerians weren’t too serious about tapping into its business opportunities. We left all the viable businesses for the Lebanese, Chinese, Americans and Indians to run while we opted for importing goods into the country […]

Cement Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Nigeria is a fast developing country. I was in Lokoja, Kogi State in 2004 for a visit to my friends and in 2014 when I went back there to visit those same friends, I’m not exaggerating by saying I almost got lost. I couldn’t believe my eyes — everywhere looked so different. Even places that […]

What Businesses Can I Do In Nigeria?

‘Sure-Fire Businesses in Nigeria’ ‘Top 50 Businesses in Nigeria’ ‘Most Profitable Nigerian Businesses’ ‘Fastest Growing Businesses in Nigeria’ These are some of the phrases you are guaranteed to find when searching for businesses to invest in, in Nigeria and yes, all these information found in books and on the internet, provide useful information on good […]

Car Wash Business in Nigeria:How to Get Started

There are millions of vehicles plying Nigerian roads daily and these cars need to be washed after gathering dust, debris and dirt from bad Nigerian roads. Although some vehicle owners handle the washing of their vehicles themselves, there are so many vehicle owners who do not,due to the time and energy required. Some even have […]

Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Recharge card printing is unarguably one of the hottest businesses in Nigeria at the moment quite a number of Nigerians have made money from this business. If you are thinking of setting up one yourself, here is a step-by-step guide to help you start. First, here are the things you need to get started: Capital-: […]

Mini-Importation Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

The days when you needed millions of Naira to start importation business in Nigeria are far behind us. Thanks to the internet which has helped to make the world a global village, importation business can be started with as little as N10, 000 from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to go through […]

Recharge Card Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Since the early 2000’s when GSM companies stormed Nigeria, recharge cards have become a major necessity. Don’t be surprised when you ask a millennium child what the basic necessities of life are and he/she goes “Food, water, clothing and recharge cards”because believe it or not, recharge cards have become a basic necessity of life. We […]

Oil and Gas Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Of course, you already know that Oil and Gas business in Nigeria is the real deal. This is a business that almost everyone wants to be involved in because of its ability to churn out overnight billionaires. I don’t want to mention names but there are a lot of Nigerians that have been made billionaires […]

Kerosene Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Even though most middle and upper-middle class Nigerians prefer cooking with gas,the need for kerosene has not been completely eliminated. This is because a number of low-income earners in Nigeria surpass the middle and upper-middle class and for this category of people, cooking with kerosene is much more affordable. A lot of middle class citizens […]

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