Best Courses under Mass Communication

Best Courses under Mass Communication

Are you aspiring to study mass communication? You are making a very wonderful decision. You will never regret your choice in the least. If the truth must be told, Mass Communication is one of the most marketable courses in Nigeria of today.

It has both national and international recognition and this makes it application diverse both on local and foreign fronts.


There are so many places where you can apply your skill as a Mass Communication graduate. You can get employed in any of the media houses across Nigeria and foreign countries or you can go into private practice, depending on what you want.

The information here will open your eyes to the various hot courses you can do as a mass communication student.

International journalism

This is one of the most marketable courses in Mass Communication. It takes you beyond the limits of Nigeria and places you on the global front. It enables you to seek employment both in Nigeria and abroad.

As a graduate in international journalism, you can seek employment in various media houses outside Nigeria. Many Nigerians media houses too will like to employ you.

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Aside working for a media houses, you can equally work as a freelance international journalist. It will give you a worldwide recognition and reach, enabling you to mingle with world class journalists and great global figures.

Mass media

This is one of the hottest courses you can study as a Mass Communication student. It enables you to work with mass media outlets and this is a real hot position and can give you great exposure, both on TV and Radio.

To make things very easy, many private radio and television stations are opening up in Nigeria. The federal government too is opening up more branches of the Nigerian Television Authority across the nation.  This helps to widen your scope a great deal and makes the market less competitive.

If you are unable to get employment with any of the public or private mass media outlets, you can always work as a freelancer. All you have to do is float your own private program on radio or TV. With luck on your side, you can start raking in money more than you would have been paid as an employee.

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Public relations specialist

As a Mass Communication student, you can specialize in Public Relations and you can work as a Public Relations Specialist. You require the same admission requirements like every other student seeking admission into mass communication department.

The job of a Public Relations Specialist involves maintaining and developing relationships for his/her client. You may get employed by non-profit organizations, advertising firms and even government agencies. You may be required to edit publications, write press release or coordinate campaigns.


It is very important to find out about the aspects of mass communication that the particular university or higher institution is offering. The courses that can be taken differ from one school to another. The UTME Brochure is one helpful information material you can consult for this purpose.

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  1. joseph victor

    tanks I feel so happy to pick dis course

  2. Dahiru Musa

    Iam a PDMC holder from A K C I L S ,kano and need to further my Knowledge in the field upto advanced dip,or degree level.Pls I need your Councel.

  3. precious dike

    hmmmm! ofa truth mass communication is an interesting course of i’s own, i find great joy studing it as a dicipline.

  4. Folorunsho Hope

    I thank God I chose this course its my dream to be a mass communicator because I av been hear good things abt my mass com I just believe when am done I will get a good job outside Nigeria to meet other popular journalist .thank u

  5. adesanya mariam

    i dont really know why i hve sudden urge for mass communication i just hope that every one with d mindset never know stress or difficuties in studying dis interesting course

  6. Christopher

    As for me I realy love mass comunication, because is the best course in the all over the world and i pray that god will give us knowledge and understanding because i belive in god that god will lead us

  7. Christopher

    As for me I realy love mass comunication, because is the best course in the all over the world and i pray that god will give us knowledge and understanding because i belive in god that god will lead us. My fellow people my brother an sister my hardvise to you is that never relent in what you are doing..tank you my ordience

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