10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

In total contrast to the way some ‘outsiders’ see African states, there are actually a lot of places in Africa you should see before you pass. In Nigeria, the reporters and media channels blow things out of proportion but come around and let’s show you something different. If you ever find yourself in Nigeria, you shouldn’t leave without visiting these ten cities or else, you just might have missed out on some beautiful places in ‘Naija’.

10. Warri, Delta State

Warri comes first for no particular reason but this place gets more attention and developmental focus than even Asaba (the state capital). Road networks are top notch and the constructions are very organized. Night life is not really okay, but it’s a beautiful place overall.


9. Calabar, Cross River State

This is one of the most lavished and garnished state capitals in Nigeria. It is even touted as the most beautiful city in Nigeria and it is ever springing out newer developments. The landscape is wow, and the organization  and security of these city is indeed top notch. Calabar also houses exquisite resorts and executive hotels.


8. Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

People in Uyo would never agree to Calabar being crowned as the most beautiful city in Nigeria, and reasonably so since the road network in Uyo is very planned out without potholes and with solar street lighting system. The landscape is very attractive and it houses some 3-5 star hotels. It also has a multi-billion naira ultra-modern stadium.

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7. Owerri, Imo State

Owerrihouses tourist attractions like the Oguta Lake, Ada palm plantation, Mbari cultural and art centre amongst many others. The city is beautiful with good night life and lighting. The landscape is well laid out and the structures are an embellishment to attractive natural elements.


6. Enugu, Enugu State

Enugu’s development has not been stagnant like a few of its counterparts and it’s a very beautiful city with nice topography and attractive structures. The city and the state bear the same name since the developmental attention of the state is focused on Enugu.


5. Port Harcourt, Rivers State

For everyone with a love for aqua life and water fronts, this is one place in Nigeria you must visit. It is called the Garden City for a reason and it’s one of the richest regions in Nigeria. It houses various 2-3 star hotels, bubbly night life and security has greatly improved.

port harcourt

4. Kaduna, Kaduna State

Another city sharing name with its state and a must visit place for people who gets caught up with the culture of the north. Forget the insecurity news, Kaduna still lives a normal day-to-day life and you need to see for yourself to know how beautiful the city really is.

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3. Akure, Ondo State

Probably the only carved out state to make the list. Akure is the capital of Ondo state one of the regions who have given nature a space to breathe. It houses various natural attractions, appreciable topography and it redevelopment has been something really noteworthy.


2. Lagos, Lagos State

Make no mistake, Ikeja is the capital of Lagos but talking about one of the smallest states in Nigeria would leave one wondering how it became possible for Lagos to embed such a fine blend between a hectic life and Cool serene life, between ghettoes and highbrow urban areas. Lagos is a beautiful mystery and the most popular city in West Africa.


1. Abuja, F.C.T

This list would be crap if the most pre-planned city is missing from it. FCT’s Abuja is an example of a world class capital state. With a grand master plan for what the city would (must) look like, international shopping centres and 3-5 star hotels, you definitely haven’t seen Nigeria’s beauty if you’ve not been to Abuja.


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  1. aah what is going on every thing we do in this country is not correct, even this list is not correct ah, na wa ooo. government is not correct.

  2. danya boy

    na lie it suppose to be kaduna

  3. I stand to say no to every submission on best city in Nigeria. Not until everyone here go round the country everybody will think his/her state capital is the best. Therefore, fix a date,an airport to meet, food enough for the tour, sure accommodation wherever we go then let us go round Nigeria and come back with results.

    1. i am with you brother

  4. david okoro

    No job In Nigeria why all dis nonsense

  5. Emmanuel Nzeh

    .Y’al shuld try 2 b mute…derez no nyc medical skul in diz GODDAMNED- FORSAKEN country tho.
    …aint a hater tho,juz typin’ ma mind hre.

  6. Ismaeel Suleiman Shugaba

    it’s nonsense research Abuja nd Kano ix d best

  7. Chibueze Ogbonnaya

    I don’t know what Warri is doing in this list!
    You forgot Abriba the Small London, waoo, what an inconclusive list.

  8. Habib Musa

    Without Kano city, all the above mentioned is nothing but claptrap and garbage.



  10. B N U

    Comot Akure As No 3 Abeg, KaDuNa Suppose To Be

  11. Happytvincent

    I Love Nigeria My Country Because Everything Is Good About Us

  12. comrade suleman dansadau

    despite some errors the research is OK I really appreciate the effort

  13. Benjamin chan

    Lagos should come first in this list

  14. sjking

    u ar js sayin ur own ni oo

  15. Andrew Ono

    Where is Benin city and Jos

  16. Solomon

    You don’t know anything about beautiful cities at all,i advise you go for research.

    1. Solomon,
      If you have other suggestions kindly state them or give reasons why the cities listed don’t deserve to be listed

  17. lola

    NAwa ooh.ojoro non good oh.na calabar be d no 1 for dat list period

  18. Jojo Risy

    This list is crap, try as much as possible to delete this post plz, bcus is nonsense. U dont even know where to fix calabar in ur list and normally calabar should have top the list and not to be rated as no 9.

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