10 Hot Business Opportunities in Nigeria

There are a lot of unemployed people in Nigeria. And when I think about this, it really saddens my heart because I strongly feel that there are lots of business opportunities and untapped ideas that the average Nigerian can tap into and start making some money from, however small.

I know some people would say “What about capital?”, but the fact is that not every business requires huge capital to set up. There are even some businesses that could be started for less than N10,000 or N15,000, so capital really shouldn’t be so much of a stumbling block that would stop any serious entrepreneur from starting small and building a profitable business in Nigeria.

Here are ten lucrative business opportunities that you should consider venturing into if you’re looking to start your own business.

1. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is one of the best and most lucrative business ideas in Nigeria right now. This has a lot to do with the fact that Nigerians love meat a lot especially Poultry. Just go to a party on any Saturday and you’ll see just how much poultry meat is consumed in these parties every week. Let’s not even talk about the ones we consume in our homes, in restaurants and eateries.

The demand for poultry meat is so high that a lot of dealers of poultry products resort to smuggling these items in from neighboring Republic of Benin just to meet up with demand. This ought not to be so considering that poultry farms are fairly easy to set up and could even be set up in your backyard. There are lots of products you can sell as a poultry farmer; you can package and sell frozen poultry meat, you could distribute and sell eggs or you could eve sell day-old chicks to other interested poultry farmers.

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2. Snacks making

Snacks making is another hot business opportunity in Nigeria. If you’ve ever been on Lagos-Ibadan express road or on Benin-Ore express road, you would see how lots of Nigerians make their living from selling pre-packaged snacks like plantain chips, Coconut Chips, Potato chips, Chin-Chin and Popcorns to mention few.

You can set up a similar business as well and supply your products to supermarkets, schools and grocery stores or get salesmen to help you sell them at roadsides and in strategic selling places for a commission.

3. Metal scrap trading

This is a business that a lot of people would ignore due to its ‘messy’ nature but this messy business has turned a lot of Nigerians to millionaires.

It’s really simple, what needs to be done is to look for people who can go around to pick or buy metal scraps if you cannot do so yourself. Or you could set up a metal scrap depot where people can come and sell their metal scraps to you for a token. These scraps are usually bought by importers in China and other countries for production.

4. Livestock feed production

If you noticed, Nigerians have embraced agriculture these days like never before and livestock farming is becoming increasingly popular.

But like I always tell people, don’t do what everyone is doing.Instead you should look for how to provide what everyone is lacking. So instead of going into livestock farming, consider production of livestock feed that livestock farmers would use to feed their animals.

5. Mobile fruit juice bar

Nigerians have learnt to pay more attention to their health and eat right and at this time, nothing would sell better than natural fresh, fruit juice in a mobile cart which people can use to quench their thirst on a hot afternoon in place of soda.

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6. Furniture making

You could also consider making furniture for home and office use. You don’t have to be a furniture maker yourself to start this business; you could employ good furniture makers who you would employ to make solid furniture for you and simply handle the marketing and promotion aspect of the business.

7. Mobile food vendor

You would agree with me that Nigerians don’t joke with the “stomach infrastructure”.This is why a mobile restaurant would be a great idea especially for the working class ones who barely have enough time to grab a bite before leaving their homes every morning.

8. Online tutoring

This is another business that is fast gaining a strong reputation in Nigeria. It involves training people on short courses, helping students with assignments and projects and basically imparting knowledge over the internet.

9. Fitness and beauty consultant

Call us vain but we are Nigerians and we love looking good. Ten years ago, this kind of business may not have made sense, as fitness was kind of an alien concept to Nigerians. But these days, just claim you have any product that would make people slimmer, lighter, have flat abs, pink lips, long hair, full lashes or enhance the body in anyway; you would have dozens of Nigerians swooning to you like bees do to honey.

10. Mini importation

Lastly, you can start a mini-importation business and start making money from importing items like laptops, phones, computer and electronic gadgets and accessories, clothes, shoes, jewelries and any other hot selling product in Nigeria.

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